GH4 official pricing! Preorders will start at midnight (NY time)!


Panasonic GH4 first look video by BHphoto.

A note for US readers: The Panasonic GH4 preorders will start at midnight tonight (New York time) or 9pm Los Angeles time! These are the 100% confirmed prices:

GH4 camera at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), BHphoto (Click here), and Panasonic (Click here). Price: $1,698
GH4 camera with interface unit at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here). Price: $3,298
Interface unit only at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), BHphoto (Click here) and Panasonic (Click here). Price: $1,998

P.S.: BH preorder links wil be active at 12.45am NY time while Adorama is active now (from 12.00 am NY time).


Panasonic GM1 now sells for $659 only at Amazon. Gold Box deal on the E-P1.


The GM1 with kit lens sells now for $681 via Amazon itself (Click here) and for $659 via Cameta at Amazon (Click here). By the way, also the newer Orange GM1 is in Stock (Click here). I own the camera for two months now and I am very happy with it. Having a little kid and travelling a lot I end up shooting a lot with it!

And there is a Gold Box deal on the Olympus E-P1 at Amazon US (Click here). You get camera with kit lens for $329. But this one is still much better: Olympus E-Pm2 with two lenses for $349 only at eBay US (Click here).

Other US deals reminder:
GX7 body for $749 only at Amazon US (Click here), Adorama (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here). And Adorama and BHphoto will give you a 4% reward too!
GX7 kit version sells for $939 again at Amazon US (Click here), Adorama (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here). And again there is a 4% reward at Adorama and BHphoto.
All current Olympus deals can be seen on that GetOlympus page.
Over 50% Off Lexar Professional 400x Class 10 Flash Memory at Amazon US (Click here).


(FT5) GH4 official pricing and preorders to be launched tomorrow!


I just got words from trusted sources that tomorrow (Monday March 10) Panasonic will officially announce the GH4 pricing. And preorders (with corretc pricing info) will be online at stores like Amazon, BHphoto and Panasonic.

Be sure to be online tomorrow morning on 43rumors. I will give you all preorder links to EU, US and Asia! If you find a store accepting preorders send me a message at Thanks!

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FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct


43rumors readers work roundup!


Tresor Mukonkole (english subtitles) from Hapax Films on Vimeo.

Rachid (video on top): I know it’s the GH4 rush right now (the gear-head I am is lusting on thoses specs!) but I wanted to share a piece I’ve done recently using m43 on a fine artist. There is some optionnal english subtitles on vimeo. It’s my first video as a freelancer and I hope to tell the story of many creators in every fields.
For thoses interested in gear I’ve used :
Olympus 12mm
Voigtlander 25mm
Canon FD 50mm
Elicar Macro FD 90mm
Sennheiser G3 wireless
Sanken Cos. 11 lav
Edelkrone slider V2
Glidecam HD1000
that’s it ! Hope you’ll enjoy

Frank:Here’s a Shawn Blanc podcast episode where he talks about moving from taking iPhone pictures to an E-PL5, and now to an E-M10. The m43 stuff starts at about 7 minutes:

Joe:I just want to highlight a fashion editorial that was recently published in print for Elegant Magazine February issue. I shot them with the Olympus E-M1, Panasonic 12-35mm, and the Olympus 45mm. Hope you guys like them! You can see more of my fashion and commercial work where are mostly shot with micro 4/3 camera (GH2 and GH3):

Robert:A music video for my brother’s band, The World Record. Includes one hex bug, one cat and a butler. Shot with the Panasonic GX7 and SLR Magic HyperPrime Cine 12mm T1.6. I previously had the original version of this lens and traded it in for the new version which was released recently. It does not disappoint. Better control over the flare and better handling. It’s a wonderful lens to shoot video with. In this video the close focus ability worked very well.

Vincent:not a rumor. Just a video I shot on my GH3. Thought it demonstrates how well the 1080/60p feature works.

Ryan: I recently flew to Thailand with my girlfriend. We had two GH3’s and an Edelkrone slider. Everything flew by very quickly while we were there and getting good footage meant being ready for the shot in the matter of seconds. The GH3’s really stepped up in terms of size and image quality. We shot mostly on the Panasonic 12-35 2.8 and Olympus 75 1.8, which covered a good amount of range (especially with ex-teleconversion) I hope you can post this up to your next round-up. Link to video:

Vincent:I just finished a short promo video project for the school where I teach, which I made with the GX7 along with the Olympus 12-40mm f2.8 and the Olympus 17mm f1.8.