(FT5) E-P1 will have SD/SDHC


Finally no more xD cards!

“The King is dead. Long live the King.”!

I am sure that this announcement will cause mild bouts of hysteria in the Olympus faithful. Usually upon the death of a technology there is the glorious, innovative history of the product to reminisce  on. I think I speak for all when I say it is certainly not the case here.

If you do want to catch-up  with xd, check out Wrotniak.net for a full breakdown (slightly biased).


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Thom Hogans m4/3 considerations


Thom Hogan is one of the most famous Nikon reviewers (bythom.com). Normally he is only active inside the nikon dpreview forum, writing very interesting articles. But now he made a small jump into the Olympus dpreview forum. Maybe he is ready for the E-P1? ;)


An interesting excerpt (dpreview):

“I almost always have big pockets available to me. Either a vest or a jacket or sometimes even cargo pockets on my pants/shorts. Likewise the small fanny pack I wear when running/biking. If the camera and lens combos I want fit there, I have a winner. The LX3, G10, Ricoh G200, even DP2 all fall into that category. All have liabilities that I think m4/3 would solve, though.”


“It’ll also give Oly the first real burst of significant growth and market share change they’ve had in a long time.”

and finally…

“So what would I do if I were Oly?

1. Kill most of the full 4/3 models. Create consumer m4/3 and high-end m4/3.

2. Followup to the E-3 needs a big size reduction (about the same amount as I need to reduce personally ;~).

3. Introduce a mFX (full frame). Small size, high performance full frame. Nikon and Canon have left that hole for anyone to exploit.”


I just want to say that Thom is one of the most serious, competent and friendly people I have met inside the dpreview forum. His website is worth visiting!