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A lot of reviewers seem to be falling in love with the Panasonic Lumix ZS3/TZ7 ! We have three reviews to show you!

1) Steve digicam’sBottom Line – Panasonic’s new Lumix ZS3 is an outstanding new addition to the Lumix line.

2) CamerlabsPanasonic’s Lumix DMC-TZ7 (or ZS3 as it’s known in North America) continues to be one of the most flexible compacts on the market, and one with very few rivals.

3) Quesabesde (spanish only)


Dpreview posted some Sigma Dp2 sample photos.


Finally a Fuji F200 EXR review. We post it because the camera is the principal Panasonic LX3 opponent.


May 12th: “untitled”


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Title untitled
Author devee
Camera Canon G10

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First professional video review of the Panasonic GH1 !


Made by http://www.imaging-resource.com .

Here an interesting excerpt:

“The above helps illustrate a couple of things to do to improve image quality in AVCHD videos:

  • Subjects with large areas of relatively little detail (flat walls, sky, etc) will leave more video bandwidth available to record detail in parts of the image you’re more interested in. (For instance, Charlotte would have been rendered with much more detail if the setting here had been a paved parking lot with a flat concrete wall in the background.)
  • Unless you have to move quickly to track a fast-moving subject, you should always pan slowly when making videos. Most amateur videographers pan their cameras way too fast, making their videos hard to watch. With AVCHD, though, you pay a double penalty for this, as the rapidly-changing image content means loads of detail gets thrown away by the compression.”

Japanese rumors…


Some Olympus announcements today?
From Hiro Sakae on his blog!

In Japanese
in English (with google translate)

MNZ (who sent us this link) made this small summary for us.

He pointed out these things:
1) Today is Oly’s Statement of Accounts for the FY2008 and
their announcement of the next 3 years’ middle-term plan.
2) They announced the “New-concept DSLR” (must be micro-4/3)
at the stage of Statement of Accounts for the FY2006.
3) Original Olympus PEN was unveiled 5-12, May 1959.
4) The launching sales promotion  for the E-620 will be finished the Wednesday.

Is something coming up?

Thanks MNZ!