(FT2) Panasonic designed two new MFT cameras


Take it with a grain of salt guys, this rumor comes from a new source.

The source claimed to know that Panasonic has designed two new MicroFourThirds camera. One should be the expected compact model and the other one is an upgraded GH1 camera. Both cameras uses the same GH1 sensor.

The GH1 successor has:

– a better AVCHD compression rate

– 1080 60p/50p

– slightly faster autofocus

– Higher LCD refresh rate

The compact MFT model will keep the “G” nomenclature

– be a little bigger than the E-P1

– inlcude an electronic viewfinder

– be black only

We will see in future if the source will become one of our trusted one.


(FT3) UPDATED-> Watanabe tell us a little more about the “E-P2”


Le monde de la photo a french online magazine posted a new Interview with the CEO of Olympus.


There are not many news just follwing minor indications over the next E-P2 camera:

It will have an electronic viewfinder and faster AF and  not get any bigger in size than E-P1

I could not imagine a E-P1 sized camera with EVF.