UPDATED -> MicroFourThirds competition rumors summary!

I didn’t expect such interesting times! There is no day that I do not receive any rumor about Ricoh-Sony-Samsung. They all talk about mirrorless camera coming in the next days and weeks! I am going to make you a summary:

Ricoh should announce the new compact interchangeable camera system tomorrow. The camera will be very similar to the actual GX200. It uses a “slide-in” mechanism to attach lenses. Our source told us that “it will not have a proprietary bayonet mount, and to say that it will have an APS-C sensor is, well, not the whole truth…Ricohs camera system will start with two “lenses”, one prime, one zoom. The prime has 33mm real focal length, the zoom 5,1-15,3mm.“. It will have an electronic viewfinder accessory shoe for optional. It will not use the Epson EVF! One more source told us we should not expect a real MicroFourThirds competitor (don’t expect to have the image quality and flexibility of the MicroFourThirds System).

That rumor came like a bomb for all of us! SonyAlphaRumors says that Sony wants to launch a Panasonic GH1 competitor on November 18! It will record FullHD! Two of our sources heard about that camera but can’t tell us more about the specs :(

Samsung maybe will drop the ultimate bomb! K-rumors just published the last-minute rumors that Samsung will not only announce the NX System (mirrorless camera with APS-C sensor) but also the new GX fullframe mirrorless System. The new NX camera should be announced on December 10. All the specs about NX and GX System can be found here:
NX specs
GX specs

Let’s see what happens tomorrow with Ricoh!

UPDATE: Photorumors says that also Canon is planning a MicroFourThirds competitor in form of a fixed lens camera

2.5x crop factor sensor (~13.8×10.4mm).
5x zoom (26-130mm)
f2.8-4 IS L lens
The form factor is similar to the Pro1
Articulated Screen
800×600 EVF.
CMOS made by Canon
High FPS
1080p video like that of the SX1-IS.

It should look like the Canon PowerShot Pro 1

a little bit of everything…


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