(under construction) Panasonic/Leica rumors


Leicarumors.com and 43rumors.com will soon publish a rumor over Panasonic and Leica plans. Sorry if I let you wait but we still have to wait for some confirmation…

I can say you now it has to do something with the LX5


More Olympus micro four thirds rumors!


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This are excepts from an article from http://zone-10.com.

More or less they confirm our rumors and add some details (the bold part in the text):

The other zoom lens that could come in together is the M43 variant of the 40-150mm. We use the word ‘variant’ because there may be modifications here.

Both the model for June 16 and the one for end-of-year will sport the now-familiar 12.3-megapixel LiveMOS sensor. TruePic will remain at generation III+ but there will be additional capabilities of which the most eagerly awaited is their video capabilities.

It’s more likely that you will see a more serious chrome-black model instead, almost reminiscent of Olympus’ RD/RC rangefinders or the Pen-series. December will see a full-black model and more serious features including lenses.

Olympus understands the strong appeal of a real rangefinder. It’s been there and done that and the revival of something very similar in the digital era is an important growth area for digital camera sales.


Is The Panasonic Lumix G1 the New Digital Leica?


Hi all!

There is a nice article in luminous landscape. They make a comparison between panasonic and Leica lenses. The really important part is the text where they try to gve an answer to a simple question: Is The Panasonic Lumix G1 the New Digital Leica?

You know why I posted this article? Because our next Panasonic rumor talks about future Panasonic and Leica cameras ;)


Olympus and Panasonic NO news


We havn’t found any important news today. So we gave some special attention to Pentax. Maybe because Marwin has been a Pentax K10D user since two years ;)

We promise you we will come back sooner as you think with important Panasonic and Olympus news. UPDATE: Much sooner than you can think ;) UPDATE 2: I have my first bigger Panasonic rumors!

By the way, we made a half miracle today because the redesign of our website is almost finished. We will try the new design this Sunday. We really hope you will enjoy it!

Which camera do I (Alejandro) own?

Minolta CLE

Linhof Tecnica 6×9

Nikon D700

Olympus E-3

Panasoic Lx-3

and then i have fuji, mamiya, canon and holga cameras ;)

What I am lookin for?

Olympus micro four thirds camera, Panasonic GH1, Leica Mp, and a 4×10 fotoman!


Ok, K7D the May 21th!



Taken from russian forum (http://www.penta-club.ru/forum/)

UPDATE: quesabesde confirms OUR specs!

The k7d will land on earth May 21th!!!

There are many forum discussions around so it is quiet difficoult to have a good overview over the specs.

But for sure the price will be something between 1.200-1.500 Euro. The camera will have video recording. You can use the new DA* lenses. There is a new Auftofocussytem. 100% viewfinder, kind-of-metal-housing, hd-videomode, better, faster and more accurate af, 5-6fps, many little changes in order to improve ergonomy…”

French magazine “Réponses Photo” confirms new Pentax DSLR release for may.

A poster in a pentax forum writes “pentax is late comapring to canikon so this new item would be a DSLR that will “jump” a generation and will bring something new”

Then DA* 60-250 launch date is 24th of April!!!

There seems to be a Microphone hole opening on the head of the camera in front of the Hotshoe, which implies it is a video capable DSLR!

UPDATE: This are the probable specs:

– Same sensor as the K20D
– Up to 6400 ISO with better noise treatment
– 5 images/sec
– 100 % viewfinder
– Better weatherproofing
– Mirror lockup
– Liveview and HD Video
– Better stabilizer .
– Better DRE mode
– 77 zones light metering
– Much better AF system even with non-SDM lenses
– 3 inches/ 920 000 pixels screen with in-body editing (crop…)
– 1/8000 shutter with 1/250 sync

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