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We are getting closer to the Olympus micro four thirds summer release! And 43rumors always wants to be on top with rumors and news.

That’s why we need you!

We can’t do all the job alone, we need your help to keep an eye on Olympus forums blogs and websites from all over the world. For example, if you speak chinese you could report to us the most important news from Chinese Olympus forums. China, Russia and Japan seem to be industrious terrain for rumors. But these are not the only interesting countries! In the past we have found superb info in other countries (Spain and Germany for example).

There are 2 ways YOU can help us:

1) Become a rumor reporter! Write to us at and report to us the rumors you caught!

2) Become a poster! Join the 43team and write your posts!

Many thanks!

P.S.:UPDATE: We have a sunday rumor for you!

P.S.2.: And for the fall we need Panasonic reporters!


May 1: Untitled by deevee



© All the rights are reserved. Downloading or copying are strictly forbidden! If you want to use this picture please contact the author.

Title no title
Author Devee
Camera Canon G10
Text none

So here we are. This is the first photo we  have posted. The photographer made this with the Canon G10 but he told us he wants to get the LX3 or the Olympus micro four thirds camera ;)

People sent us a lot of photos which we will post in the next days- Join the “One Day One Photo” action!


(FT 5) Panasonic compact m4/3 will be their next camera



This is the now famous rendered image (remember it is not REAL). But we like it ;)

It was never going to be a big surprise, we knew it would be happening a long time ago . But now Panasonic confirmed that “rumor” to the New York Times.

Here’s the most interesting excerpt from the article: “Panasonic say that they’re working on new models that will pack all of this miraculous technology into even smaller Micro Four Thirds packages.”

You can read the full article here.

Do you know something about the camera? Please share all your information!

Here’s my spec WISHLIST (not a rumor!)

12 MPX

50-1600 ISO

built-in flash


black and white model

1080 60p/50p video


One day one photo!



Dear readers,

As you all know the camera doesn’t really matter. If you are a good photographer you don’t need the latest digital camera. Prove our readers that even a small compact camera or an old analogue camera can take wonderful pictures! Through May we want to post one photo per day which was taken with a compact digital camera or analogue camera. No DSLR photos allowed! You can send the photo to, adding some description and we will choose one photo every day! Show the daily 4,500 43rumors readers what you can do!

The selection will be made by three 43rumors members!

Can’t wait to see your photos!

UPDATE: We will add a copyright text to protect your pictres. If you have any particoular wishes feel free to comunicate it. Thank you!