Panasonic GH1 video with 20mm f/1.7 lens


Light (our cat) from kiyuri on Vimeo.

kiyuri made this nice video with the Panasonic and the new Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 Aspherical Pancake Lens.
He writes:
Just a simple video of our cat, Light. Nothing humorous. He’s sleepy, but does a little grooming. He is a red point bi-color Ragdoll and is just over 1-year old.

Recorded with a Panasonic LUMIX GH1 and 20mm “pancake” lens at F1.7. Camera is set to continuous autofocus, and with the shallow depth of field you can see it go in and out of focus slightly at times.

The original is 1280×720 at 60fps, but I slowed it down to 30fps so it plays in slow motion. I think it’s more relaxing to watch this way. =)


Chasseur d’images review the GF1 (on paper)



Image of a GF1 Leatherette Skin from

Found a summary of the review on dpreview :

The last issue of Chasseur d’images (October 2009, number 317) contains a review of the new GF1 they only had a beta firmware on it and definitive measures are still waited; but here is a sum up of what they already wrote about it :

Resolution at low iso : very slightly less than the (but the E-P1 was slightly surpassing the GH1 and the D90, two winners of the category), GF1 is slightly superior to the G1. So, indeed, very good.

Noise at higher iso (measured with standard Noise reduction on). It seems to be somewhat better than the E-P1, but at the cost of loosing more details, especially after 1600 iso. Chasseur d’images seems to put the GF1 above the E-P1, at least for 400 and 800 iso.

AF : they weren’t yet able to test, because they only had a beta version of the firmware. But from handling it is good, somewhat like the G1-GH1.

Viewfinder : the real surprise is what they write about the EVF. They aren’t in awe. Here is what they say in the conclusion :

The viewfinder is the real problem of the GF1. The DSLRs users are accustomed to aim with a viewfinder stuck against their eye and will be concerned by an lcd display. A “true viewfinder” is much more effective in bright sun.

Comment : that first paragraph is exactly the same they wrote for the E-P1 but then, they add :

The EVF could be a solution, but it is cumbersome and of a very “middle of the road” quality : the viewfinder on the G1 & GH1 is much better.

Here is the problem : the GF1 is designed for aiming with the lcd. Either you accept this constraint (which is that of every compact camera) and everything is fine, or you don’t accept it and the body looses 90% of its interest.

Final verdict : Compacts with large sensors are developping, but still rare : this specialized body comes with important limitations of handling. In its category, the GF1 is very satisfying and would earn five stars (it was the same for the Olympus E-P1). But one should also consider it like any other body and compare it with the rest of the market’s offering, then four stars are deserved.

And here is what they say concerning the external viewfinder earlier in the review :

An external EVF is available (the DMW-LVF1). You slide it in the flash hotshoe and an integrated connector allows the exchange of all informations. The display module is a very ordinary model (202.000 pixels). The use of the G1/GH1 HD module was causing technical problems it seems (and also probably costing a lot). Under these conditions, the EVF doesn’t appear very interesting. IF you are interested in an EVF, you should rather look for a Lumix G1 : a much less expansive body offering a much better viewfinder.

(translated by myself, trying to stay as near of the original text published in Chasseur d’images as I could, but provided without warranty, given my English knowledges)


a little bit of everything…



Rayqual releases Olympus OM, Leica R and Pentax K to Micro 4/3 lens adapters



A german friend sent us an interesting link:

They tested a lot of camera and lenses. You can notice that if you compare the 14-42mm and 17mm MFT lens the 14-42 shows bettere results!


S.S. (a 43rumors reader) sent us his latest GH1 video:

14-140 lens

Sandisk Ext III 8gig

Edited on Adode Premiere 7 Elements
Saved in MPG at full resolution


Panasonic Lumix GF1 Preview Gallery at dpinterface


And remember! The Panasonic Lumix GF1 Camera with 14-45mm Lens ships from September 24 (amazon US)



In case you missed it…Panasonic GH1 and G1 firmware update!


Panasonic has posted firmware updates for its DMC-GH1 and DMC-G1 Micro Four-Thirds cameras. Both updates improve autofocus performance in low contrast conditions and the stability of auto exposure (AE) for the recently released Panasonic Leica 45mm F2.8 Macro lens. The GH1 firmware v1.2 also decreases the AF operation sound of the 20mm F1.7 pancake lens for quieter video recording.

To download the firmware click here:

To download the G1 firmware click here:


(FT2) Olympus E-5 with HD video?


Jason (look for Jason in the comments) seems to know more that we can imagine…

“The GH1 is a pretty good option for HD video in a DSLR, actually one of the best currently available. The still image quality, however, is one of its biggest weaknesses. The introduction of a new semi-pro “full-size” Olympus Four Thirds camera is coming soon. It will have HD video, along with excellent still image quality. It will combined everything Olympus and Panasonic have done up until now, resulting in one of the best all around cameras on the market. And, as always, you can quote me on that.”