Japanese digital camera sales ranking. Look at the E-P1!


Havn’t seen such a good result for Olympus since looooooong time!

Rank Maker DSLR Model Launch Date Megapixels Sales Share
1 Canon EOS Kiss X3 (aka Rebel T1i & 500D) 3/25/2009 15.1 20.7%
2 Olympus PEN E-P1 6/16/2009 12.3 19.3%
3 Nikon D90 8/27/2008 12.3 8.5%
4 Nikon D5000 4/14/2009 12.3 7.5%
5 Canon EOS Kiss X2 (aka Rebel Xsi 450D) 1/24/2008 12.2 6.5%
6 Nikon D40 11/16/2006 6.1 4.4%
7 Panasonic Lumix G1 9/12/2008 12.1 4.0%
8 Nikon D60 1/29/2008 10.2 2.7%
9 Canon EOS 50D 8/26/2008 15.1 2.6%
10 Pentax K-7 5/20/2009 14.6 2.5%

Source: BNC Ranking data for the week of June 29 – July 5


(UPDATED) Rumored Samsung NX smaller than the Panasonic GH1?


It appears the camera is real and will be announced soon. Samsung is going to be the first MicroFourThirds competitor. I found some rumors here: k-rumors.com

And here the text of the rumor:

I heard this from a attender of the trade show in Korea.

He said NX10 was displayed with Canon 500D and Panasonic G1 (GH1??) side by side.
There was a comparison chart, but most part of the chart is hidden under papers.

He got impressed NX10 becomes fatter than the mock-up shown in PMA 09, but it is still very small – actually he felt it is the smallest one among 3 bodies.

It has best rear-display and shortest response time for user actions.

He mentioned NX10 seems to have almost equivalent AF speed to what dSLR has.

He saw 3 lenses for NX10 include a prime lens. The prime lens is very thin, and it will have faster speed than Olympus 17mm pancake lens.

Also he mentioned about the price, he understands that Samsung will set aggressively NX10 price. Since Samsung designed/developed most parts of NX10 by alone, Samsung has more room to control the price. It will be definitely less than its competitors. Even it could be unexpected price.

Samsung is very serious about new NX series now.


Rumors are becoming more frequent and more specific and may this is a proofe that soon (July 17th?) the camera will be released!


I got some information, no official, but I hope somebody confirm it.

-The prime lens is a (large aperture wide angle fixed) 35mm (35mm equivalent), maybe a 24mm APS

-The big zoom is not a telezoom (no confirm yet) this is a zoom like 18-200 or 18-250mm
-Nothing about the standard zoom

-These lenses has double focus system: contrast AF motor-assisted and manual focus limited. The second switch (the first one is for IS) allow to use the manual focus like SLR lenses.
-EVF is not completely ready, but it is funtional in NX10 preproduction model.

-Samsung plans release 2 new lenses in December, one zoom and one fixed. (Samsung we are waiting for camera now…)
-NX have been slightly redesigned specially the grip and EVF area

-Wll have a K-mount adapter (AF?, I don´t know) and M-mount, but they won´t be release with the camera

No picture until now…

Source: http://www.pentaxforums.com/forums/pentax-news-rumors/65674-so-its-july-7th-where-samsung-4.html


(FT5) UPDATED3 -> Four Thirds is dead! Long live Four Thirds!


FT5 rumors are rare but when we publish one you can trust  that we know what we are doing!

I know people started saying that after the MicroFourThirds success classic Four Thirds development is going to die. Forget it! Expect big Four Thirds news between late August and October. Cameras and lenses are coming! The E-3 successor is ready to be announced. It should arrive together with the new prime lenses. I hope to get some concrete specs these cameras and lenses soon!

(FT4) The E-3 successor is rumored to use the 12 Megapixel, E-30 sensor with a weaker AA filter, and little upgrades in the AutoFocus system . It will have Art Filters.

UPDATE: The E-3 successor will be an upgraded E-3. But the same source who gave me the specs told me Olympus will release a completely new high-end camera next year (probably at Photokina 2010)

UPDATE2: This is what of a source told us: “The E3 Evolution (or mark 2) is essentially a repackaged E3 with E30 features. If you add in what the E30 has, like art filters, digital leveler, AF adjustments, you’ll be pretty accurate. The E4 will only be released next year.

UPDATE3: The most improbable rumored name for the E-3 successor is “OM-N1“. The sources told me that the name will not be E-4 or E-5!


a little bit of everything…


Leica launches limited-edition Leica D-LUX 4 Safari.

Nice, but I like the far cheaper Panasonic LX-3 more…


Something new and interesting…slrgear made a Image Stabilization Test with the Olympus E-520! You have to read it because it compares In body IS with lens stabilization.


And I can’t finish the column without giving you some E-P1 new….here….and here (this are all image tests)