Chris needs some answers!


To date few people own the E-P1.

These are some E-P1 related questions sent to me by Chris, and only you E-P1 owners can answer!

1) Can you tell me  how the manual focus with older lenses works?
2) Is it easy also without a evf or do you need more time to focus just with the screen?

3) Can you use all adapters from the pana g1 with the ep-1 also? Because I’m interested in an adapter
for Canon FD to Mirco FT…

4) Last question:
How is the autofocus with the 14-42? As good as the g1 with the 14-45?

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43rumors Summary and Ideas Brainstorm


The E-P1

Finally the E-P1 has been revealed. I am going to buy one only because I need a compact high quality camera I can carry with me all the time. Yes there are features I like and features I do not like (or miss). But I am very minimalistic in my photographic needs so the “dislikes” doesn’t matter at all. I hope to get the camera for mid July but I do not know if there will be big shipment delays because of the high request.

Why we made 43rumors
Since years I daily check for Olympus Panasonic and Leica news. And I thought it would be nice to create a website to sum all this news and to make it easy for you to find all the latest news and rumors. In this months people began to help me by sending links and someone became a 43rumors poster. Many thanks you all!

Our rumors

Frankly I am surprised that our rumors were so close to the real E-P1 specs. Initially we “only” reported rumors from other websites. But then we began to receive many emails with “rumors” and of course I got some wrong rumor (Initially we thought there will be a built in flash). And I received a lot of false E-P1 images but I always tried to ask for confirmations from all sources in order to prevent big mistakes and fakes. It worked well. I got some help on how to deal with that information from the owner. A very friendly guy!

Our next rumors target

I want to focus my attention to the compact Panasonic MicroFourThirds camera. I am really excited to see what Panasonic will show us!

Our next 43rumors changes and ideas brainstorming!

We are always trying to make this website better and better.

We will work on some minor design tweaks, we will add some new content. We are not going to build a 43rumors forum (we have better ideas!).

That’s why I ask you to comment this post with all your ideas wishes and critics!

thanks folks!




In case you missed it…Pansonic compact m4/3 speculations


3 months ago we posted the link to the amateur photographer article. We re-post an interesting excerpt and the link.

Ichiro Kitao general manager at Panasonic’s Products Planning Group, said: ‘It is one of the choices – a more entry-level piece than the G1 or a step up piece…In the coming years we would like to expand our G Micro [Four Thirds] system.’

I believe Panasonic is working hard at a compact m4/3 camera which could probably be announced the end of the year. It will be interesting to see if they will make the same feature cut (No-Evf, No-Flash) like Olympus has done with the E-P1.


(FT 4) Classic four thirds camera development


The m4/3 announcement (and probably success) regurgitated a big question…. Will Olympus still maintain the same commitment and development resources for normal four thirds cameras and lenses?

I asked some of our sources.

All confirm that Olympus has a clear four thirds camera and lens roadmap. They are still designing new four thirds cameras and lenses. Nothing has changed. The E-3 successor is planned to be released this year and you will certainly see new four thirds cameras next year. From now until spring 2010 Olympus will release new lenses (most of them are primes).

This sounds good, but I believe  a huge m4/3 success will probably distort these plans. Olympus is a small company (compared to the bigger Canon, Nikon and Sony) with limited resources….perhaps the time has come for a big choice?


Europe E-P1 Availability


I received an unofficial confirmation that the E-P1 will be available late July in Europe.

Soon redcoon and pixmania should have the E-P1 available for pre-order. I will post links for every European country to them as soon as the E-P1 is listed… How many countries are there in Europe? It’s going to be a long slog:)


Other non related E-P1 news you missed in this days…


We all have been busy looking for E-P1 news, images, samples and previews. That’s why we make a small summary of all the NO-E-P1 news :)


There is a new Olympue E-620 review at


Panasonic GH1 gets his review at photographybay and quesabesde (spanish)

A very long list of Panasonic compact camera should take an advantage from the new firmware…but a very little one!

But there is a Warning!
After this firmware update your Panasonic Digital Camera cannot be operated by 3rd party batteries (non genuine Panasonic batteries).


Noisycamera reports some new Olympus 3CCD Trine sensor speculation