(FT2) UPDATED -> Chinese rumor..(need some help for translation)


New and better translation:

The new camera is called E-P()1
12 mega pixel
An entry level M43 camera
It is not necessary for the existing E-P1-2 users to feel sorry since E-P1-2 got 2 dial but E-P()1 got only one
However, E-P()1 got a very good teaching function which allows user to take good photo easily
It will be roughly 70% cheaper than E-P1-2
E-P1/2 will not stop production or cut price
There are 6 art filters, with some changes, very handy
Not classical look but cool
Announce next week
Sale starts after PMA

It seems the source is coming from Olympus staff…

source: http://www.omuser.com/viewthread.php?tid=109847&highlight= (only registered user can see the content)

Thanks G!


Kepp following us…working on reliable rumors…


We are posting so many rumors I understand if someone gets confused. We are waiting to get some real infos from trusted sources. We received pieces of informations but we want to be sure before we post anything. Until them I will post what I receive from you with a FT2 value (not reliable rumors from new source).

Really exciting times…Panasonic MFT, Olympus MFT, Olympus E-5, new lenses, the Apple Tablet,…. ;)


(FT3) UPDATED-> The camera on the teaser is a new compact camera (no MicroFourThirds?)


That is what one of my trusted sources are “suggessting” me: “the camera will not be what people expect“…. (No MFT?).

UPDATE: Olympus will also announce a new Tough camera (very likely not the one shown in the teaser):
A “supposed” Olympus product tester wrote inside the bogley.com forum that “they are coming out with an updated Tough series camera soon – hush hush. Can’t give away details but it’s even better than before! Thus, as I await for the new camera to arrive I’ll be selling my old one…

Private message: I am receiving so many rumors news and emails that I had to take one day holiday from my real job. Today I will read all the emails and rumors again and I hope i will not forget to answer you all :)


I received 79 e-mails in 24 hours :)


During the last 24 hours I received 79 e-mails with rumors from you. As you know I have also a real job and sometimes I can’t answer you immediately and sometimes I forget completely about it because I’m so busy. That’s why I want to say thank you all directly from here…the 43rumors blog!

P.S.: The day will come when I will be able to clone myself :)


(FT5) UPDATED -> New Olympus camera coming soon…no MicroFourThirds?


New compact camera or MicroFourThirds?

The teaser has been posted inside the Stylus Though section. So may it is not a MicroFourThirds camera. The official MicroFourThirds section doesn’t show the teaser!

Need some help from my trusted sources: Please send your rumors to 43rumors@gmail.com! :)

UPDATE -1: it could be a new Low-Entry compact camera with big 4/3 sensor. Something like the Sigma DP2

UPDATE -2: A veeeery reliable source sent me this “Don’t be distracted on the 2nd. Keep your eye on the prize.”

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