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(FT3) Triple rumor: Panasonic ready to release a compact camera with backlight sensor?


I received this rumor from a completely new source. He claims to know that

1) Panasonic has designed a new “back-illuminated”  CMOS-sensor.

2) Panasonic is ready to release a compact camera using the new sensor.

3) The camera will have a 1/1.3 inch sensor!

A little history first:

Sony was the first company to develop a back-illuminated CMOS-sensor (read more at the Sony homepage). Sony’s new CMOS sensor design made its first appearance  in the new HD Handycam video model HDR-XR520VE/500VE. A detailed review of the XR520 has been written by trustedreviews: “Another revelation with the XR520 is how well Sony’s claims of improved low light performance pan out. The image isn’t significantly brighter than that of Canon’s LEGRIA HF S10, but it is noticeably less noisy. The white balance also remains very accurate, so colours are quite faithful. This camcorder will be hard to beat when shooting in poor illumination.

What are the benefits of the new sensor?

The Sony “back-illuminated” EXMOR-R sensor nearly duplicates light sensitivity while reducing the signal-to-noise ratio. I expect the Panasonic sensor to be able to fulfil the concept’s potential.

What our sources told us

“Panasonic developed a backside ilumination LiveMOS 1/1.3 inch sensor.

I asked him if there is a plan to apply the technology to a bigger sensor and the answer was:

It’s difficult to apply backside illumination technology to large image sensor for comsumer model like MFT. There are some problems about heat and yield ratio.

And the first compact camera using the new sensor

…will be launched 3Q-4Q

If you have questions concerning that news write a comment or contact me at and I hope the source can answer your questions.


a little bit of everything…


The “a little bit of everything” column has been monopolized by the Olympus E-P1 news. There are dozens of E-P1 reviews and news every day from every country. At example…check for the hungarian E-P1 review at (it doesn’t matter if you do not understand the language, look at the pictures)

There is a new Sigma DP2 vs Panasonic G1 vs Olympus E-P1 competition. Who wins?


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Hey Panasonic folks, do not cry! We worked for you and we got some interesting rumor for you! (wait for the next post!)