(FT4) Leica and MicroFourThirds rumors summary


Good morning,

now we have a more clear and reliable vision over Leicas position in relation to the MicroFourThirds world. We thought it is time for a small rumor summary:

(FT5) Leica has no plan to produce a MicroFourThirds camera (multiple sources confirmed that)
(FT4) Panasonic will produce lenses using the Leica “brand”. The quality of the lenses will be approved by Leica (multiple sources confirmed that)
(FT3) The first Panasonic lens with Leica quality should be the 30mm 1.4 (one sources confirmed that)
(FT4) Leica has no plan to release a self produced MicroFourThirds or “normal” FourThirds lens. (multiple sources confirmed that)


Quesabesde photographic contest (and you can win the E-P1)


I know most of you do not speak spanish…. but it doesn’t matter if there is a E-P1 you can win! That is possible with the “Summertime” photographic contest organized by quesabesde .

People from all the world can join the contest. You have to send your best photo (made with any camera) and tell the quesabesde guys that you are one of my best friends ;)

Hope to see one of you as happy contest winner!



(FT3) The Leica MicroFourThirds 30mm f1.4 lens?



Last week we told you Panasonic and Leica probably made an agreement to produce new MicroFourThirds lenses. Probably this will be a Panasonic branded lens, made using the unbeaten Leica tecnology.

The first lens that will be released is “rumored” to be the Leica 30mm f1.4 lens. We will have to wait at least until December before the official announcement.

We all hope to have a tiny not too expensive high quality lens!

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German dealer sells the E-P1 in ebay!


In stock!!!


New E-P1 forum!!!


A new E-P1 specialized community has been created today at http://e-p1.net/.

All the present and future E-P1 owners should partecipate. It is the ideal platform to share all your impressions, reviews and photos made with the E-P1.

I am going to subscribe myself now ;)