MicroFourThirds camera+lens Poll closed: Results


After 1,198 unique votes we closed the MicroFourThirds poll. What have we learned from it?

1) People wants the camera as compact as possible! Only a small percentage of voters preferrs zooms (11%).
2) People wants fast lenses! The is the clear winner of the poll (67% voted for the lens!)!
3) The Olympus and the are on par. Both received more or less the same votes (54% voted for the E-P1 and 46% for the GF1).
4) 9% E-P1/GF1 owners do use Leica lenses on their camera.

What do you think?

Something unexpected? I hope....

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P.S.: The Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 Lens will be back in stock on October 24, 2009 (amazon.com)


Panasonic GF1 Europe deals


Amazon Deutschland:

Now Amazon Deutschland has the:
Panasonic GF1 inkl. Standard Objektiv 14-45mm in titan-silber
Panasonic GF1 inkl. Standard Objektiv 14-45mm in perlmutt-weiß
(Gewöhnlich versandfertig in 2 bis 4 Wochen.)


Amazon UK:

If you order this items today you will receive it tomorrow (choose Express delivery at checkout.)
Panasonic GF1 14-45mm Lens Kit – Black
Panasonic GF1 20mm Lens Kit – Black
Panasonic GF1 Camera Body – Black
Panasonic GF1 20mm Lens Kit – Silver
Panasonic GF1 Camera Body – Silver
Panasonic GF1 14-45mm Lens Kit – Red


Amazon France:

Voulez-vous le faire livrer le vendredi 23 octobre ?
Commandez-le dans les 6 h et 45 min et choisissez la livraison Éclair sur votre bon de commande

Panasonic GF1


Panasonic announces new SDHC cards (24GB and 32GB)



Features (attention google translation!)

(1)maximum transfer rate of 15MB / s, Class 4.

Class 4 in combination with stable high-quality recording equipment for application is suitable for video recording. Full HD digital camcorder for up to 24GB at about 6 hours, 32GB can record about 8 hours.

(2)the amount of plastic packaging use 65%  3 eco-packaging paper cut package

(3)can be classified as easy to write content matches

(4 ) high durability performance (temperature range -25 ℃ ~ +85 ℃) Japanese-made cards

Read the Panasonic pres release in japanese or english (via google translation)


a little bit of everything…


Olympus E-P1 low light video with 20mm f/1.7

brisbanetimes reviews the Panasonic GF1
Also akihabaranews made a Panasonic GF1 review
Australia finally has the Panasonic GF1. Thanks Digidirect.com.au


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 (Beta Version)



Adobe launches the public Lightroom 3 beta version. You can download the software for free!

Some of the new features included for you to play with in the Lightroom 3 beta are:

* Brand new performance architecture, building for the future of growing image libraries
* State-of-the-art noise reduction to help you perfect your high ISO shots
* Watermarking tool that helps you customize and protect your images with ease
* Portable sharable slideshows with audio—designed to give you more flexibility and impact on how you choose to share your images, you can now save and export your slideshows as videos and include audio
* Flexible customizable print package creation so your print package layouts are all your own
* Film grain simulation tool for enhancing your images to look as gritty as you want
* New import handling designed to make importing streamlined and easy
* More flexible online publishing options so you can post your images online to certain online photo sharing sites directly from inside Lightroom 3 beta (may require third-party plug-ins)

The official Adobe announcement: http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/lightroom3/?PID=3154956

A first look review from Terry White: http://terrywhite.com/techblog/archives/3747

And Adobe Lightroom 3 videos are available here: http://www.photoshopuser.com/lightroom3/


Panasonic reposts the LX3 firmware! (Version 2.1)


The firmware update is back again in version 2.1. And there is also an official Panasonic apologizes text:

We’d like to apologize for the inconvenience as the download had been suspended in order to make sure the reliability of the firmware, more specifically in case of the use of some newly added functions in Ver.2.0 on Custom shooting mode.
Please download the newly released firmware, which has now become available as Ver.2.1.

< For the users who have already updated LX3 to Ver.2.0 >
The camera which has been already updated to Ver.2.0, is also advised to update again to Ver.2.1, as which is now available on this page.

Download the firmware here: http://panasonic.jp/support/global/cs/dsc/download/LX3/index.html