Topaz released new Sharpen AI 2.2


Topaz released the new Sharpen AI 2.2 version. You save 15% using our code “RUMOR” at checkout. The new version adds following features:

  • Added new models that work better on noisy images
    – Enable new models by toggling on the “Extra Noise Suppression” option under the settings sliders
  • Added comparison view
    – Should work the same as in DeNoise AI
  • Added option to move controls to left side
    – You can toggle this in preferences
  • Added tutorial/demo image area on the bottom of the opening screen

You can use our checkout code “RUMOR” to get an additional 15% discount on all TOPAZ products (Click here). This is what you save on the single products:


(FT5) The new Voigtlander SUPER NOKTON 29mm f/0.8 Aspherical MFT lens will be announced next week. Price around 2000 Euro/Dollars?


Nokishita got some more details about the new Voigtlander SUPER NOKTON 29mm f/0.8 Aspherical MFT lens:

  • Announcement end of next week
  • Price is 228,000 yen including tax (roughly $2,000)
  • The planned release date is December 10

Will you buy the new Voigtlander 29mm f/0,8 MFT lens if it costs $2,000?

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Better C-AF With CLUSTER AREA Shooting On Olympus OM-D

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Plenty of news on the facebook OMD group, Panasonic FF and the GH5 group.


(FT5) STUNNING !!!! Voigtlander will soon announce the new 29mm f/0.8 Micro Four Thirds lens!


Folks this is simply stunning! This news alone may keep the Micro Four Thirds system alive and kicking :)

Nokishita reports that Voigtlander-Cosina will soon announce the new SUPER NOKTON 29mm f/0.8 Aspherical Micro Four Thirds lens! As far as I can recall this would be the fastest production photography lens of the world beating the (low quality) Ibelux f/0,85. The only faster lenses are actually made for X-ray or other industrial use (see them on ebay).

Knowing Voigtlander I am sure this lens will offer a surprisingly decent image quality at max aperture. Can’t wait to see how big this lens is too! Stay tune on 43rumors for more info soon!


Today only: 42% off on the Mitakon 20mm f/2 4.5x super macro lens


Today you save $100 on the 4.5x super macro lens sold by BHphoto.


You can now preorder the new Capture One 21 on this page (Click here) with a 20% discount. It’s a bit tricky to preorder it so here I explain how to do it for C20 owners:

  1. Login to Capture One
  2. Go to the upgrade page and enter your license number
  3. Upgrade to C21 and get the 20% discount using the checkout code “PREORDER2020

ThePhoBlographer: A Big Misstep For Micro Four Thirds: Panasonic G100 Review


The Phoblographer:

There’s no denying that Panasonic has been focusing heavily on its newer Full-Frame Lumix platform than its Micro Four Thirds offerings over the last couple of years. The company’s push into the Full-Frame arena with the L Mount alliance has seen the M4/3 platform pushed out of the limelight. However, a new M4/3 camera did hit the streets this year. The Panasonic G100 is somewhat of an oddball camera that’s designed to capture the hearts of videographers and hybrid content creators. Does it have what it takes to compete with other cameras in its price range? Find out as we offer our thoughts about it.