(UPDATED) $230 price drop on the GH3 at Amazon and BHphoto!


It’s Panasonic US deal day!

There is an huge $230 price drop on the GH3 at Amazon US (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here). You now pay $1,068.98 for the camera and there is also a 2% back in Reward (makes you pay $1.047 for the camera). You can also get it for $1.099 bundled with Lightroom 4 at Kenmorecamera (Click here).

And the G5 got a $100 price drop too at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here) and Bhphoto (Click here).


(FT3) Some low end OMD specs…


According to one source the new low end OMD model will be priced below the new Olympus E-P5. It will have:
– Same shape as the E-M5
– Same 16MP sensor
– Built.in EVF with lower resolution EVF (compared to the 2.3 from the OMD)
– 2 axis stabilization
– no weather sealing


The source was keen to say that he is not 100% sure about the specs but that’s the official he got from “his sources”. This doens’t sound like a spectacular camera (LOL). I hope the rumor tunrs out to be not entirely true! If it’s true than the Panasonic GX7 will definitely kill the new OMD sales!

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Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct


Walimex 24mm T/1.5 lens in Stock and shipping in Europe.


There is a new relatively unkown lens that now is in Stock and shipping in Europe. It’s the Walimex 24mm T/1.5 video lens. You can grab it now at Amazon UK (Click here) and at Amazon Germany (Click here) in both Four Thirds ot Micro Four Thirds mount.

If this is the first time you here about “Walimex” don’t worry, it’s a Samyang! The problem is Samyang uses many different brands to sell their lenses. This is the third native MFT lens from Samyang. The Samyang 16mm f/2.0 is coming soon (save this search on Slidoo to get notified when it’s in Stock on eBay). The other lens is the fisheye:
In USA it’s named Rokinon 7.5mm and you find it on eBay (Click here), Amazon (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here).
In Europe it’s named Samyang 7.5mm and you find it on eBay (Click here), Amazon (Click here).
In UK it’s named Walimex and you find it on eBay (Click here) and Amazon UK (Click here).

eBay links on all Olympus Four Thirds lenses:
Samyang , Walimex , Rokinon , Opteka , Falcon , Vivitar andBower .


Great Olympus deal scheme at BHphoto. E-PL3 with lens for $259.



BHphoto (Click here) makes your life easier and just launched the interactive Olympus deal table. I am waiting for the day we can have deals as that in Europe. We Europeans have always to search her ein there to find something (like that free lens offer on Olympus Nordic).

The same Olympus deals are available at Amazon too:
Save up to $100 on the Olympus E-PM2 and E-PL5 Digital Camera Bundles (Click here to see the page).
Save up to $150 on Qualifying Olympus Compact System Cameras (Click here to see the page).
Save up to $200 on Select Olympus Lenses and Accessories (Click here to see the page).
Save up to $100 on Qualifying Olympus Digital Cameras (Click here to see the page).

And these are the latest deals:
Olympus ED 14-150mm for $469 ($130 off) at Amazon US (Click here).
Demo GH3 for $1050 at Uniquephoto (Click here).
Olympus E-Pl3 with kit lens for $259 at Amazon US (Click here).
$100 discounted E-PL5 superkit is topseller at Amazon US (Click here).
Panasonic GF3 with kit lens for $249 at Rakuten (Click here).


No jail for Olympus managers responsible for the accounting fraud.


Michael Woodford and Tsuyoshi Kikukawa (smiling the days before the fraud scandal)

It ended like we expected it: The three Olympus managers that were convicted in the famous Olympus accounting fraud scandal will definitely not go in jail. Engadget reports that Tsuyoshi Kikukawa received a three-year suspended sentence, in light of the fact that he didn’t make the original decision to hide the firm’s financial losses. And Masatoshi Kishimoto and Toshiro Shimoyama, have escaped all charges because, as reported by Kyodo News a couple of months ago, too much time has elapsed since the original crime.

Meantime Michael Woodford the ex-CEO that discovered the fraud wrote a book you can find at Amazon (Click here). More important The Financial Times speculates Woodford got $15.5 million from Olympus to avoid any trial.

The story is now over (from a legal point of view) and Olympus new management has to focus on strengthen the camera business. Let’s hope the soon to be announced new OMD and FT cameras will help them to achieve their goals!

Source: Bloomberg.