Selling fine: G5 with double lens kit for $478.


As usual new MFT cameras are expensive to buy. But at least in US you can grab second generation cameras for a ridiculous price. The best selling deal of the moment is the G5 double lens kit at Amazon US (Click here). You pay $478 /and you also get an additional 2% reward).  If you count the price you pay for the single lenses you will get the G5 for  $100 only.

If you watch that mirrorless Amazon ranking (Click here) you will see the discounted G5, E-P3 and E-Pl3 trio are the most sold MFT cameras.

The new GX7 will be priced above $1,000. Wait 16 months and it will be priced less than $500 :)



(FT4) Price of the GX7 a little bit above $1,000


This is how the GX7 is likely going to look (Courtesy Dicahub).

It’s not a secret anymore that in late August Panasonic will announce the new GX7 with 18MP sensors, built-in titlable viewfinder and on sensor stabilization. And many here on 43rumors are excited to see the new cameras. But the camera will not be cheap. A trusted sources informed me that the price will be a little bit above $1,000 (or 1000 Euro). And that for the body only! There will be also a kit version with the zoom lens or with the new 20mm pancake.

The question is….

will you consider to buy it if priced a little bit above $1000-1000 Euro?

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Lumix G6 dark halo issue (can be avoided)


Lumix G6 dark halo issues from Jon Wide on Vimeo.

If you own (or will soon own) the new Panasonic G6 know that there is a dark halo issue (watch video on top). The good news is that there is a little trick to get rid of the issue. Oscillian at Personal-View reports:

This is caused by i.Dynamic settings. Turn OFF to avoid these artifacts!

Thanks Oscillian for finding and solving the issue!

Panasonic G6 at Amazon (Click here), BHphoto (Click here), Adorama (Click here) and at Wex UK (Click here).