You can slide through some of the features of the new Luminar NEO


As you know Sklylum launched this new offer: Buy the current Luminar AI (Click here) at the best price ever and you will get the new Luminar NEO once it’s released in Winter!

If you haven’t noticed it you can “virtually” play with some of the features using these sliders on this special website. I have been told more such virtual sliders will be made available soon to show off other new features.


(FT3) rumor has it the new OM Digital “wow” camera will have this new feature: A new global shutter sensor?


E-M1X vs E-M1III via camerasize

OM Digital promised to launch a new camera with “WOW” factor in early 2022. And one of the big news should be the new sensor. A source told me:

new flagship camera (OM 1D) will be announced in early 2022 but it will be teased in autumn this year already;
– the camera will have global shutter;

What we know so far about the OM Digital WOW camera:

  • It’s a Micro Four Third camera
  • To be teased in fall 2021 with launch in early 2022
  • It might have a new global shutter sensor
  • It has the size of a E-M1III body and it’s not an E-M1X alike camera.

a bit of everything…


My “Go To” Olympus Lens: Tesni Ward

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M.Zuiko 60mm F2.8 Macro | Product Review (Olympus).
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Plenty of news on the facebook OMD group, Panasonic FF and the GH5 group.


Olympus 12-45mm f/4 PRO review by Opticallimits: “very high performance in a very small package”


Olympus 12-45mm PRO at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto, GetOlympus.

Opticallimits tested the lens and concluded:

The Olympus M.Zuiko ED 12-45mm f/4 PRO offers very high performance in a very small package. In terms of sharpness, it doesn’t show any major weakness across the zoom range. If anything the borders/corners could do with a bit more bite at the 12mm. Micro-Four-Thirds is auto-correcting most of the other technical image aspects. Thus there’s just a hint of barrel distortion at the wide and the vignetting is quite moderate. When looking under the hood, the distortions are extreme at the 12mm setting though. Lateral CAs are low and nothing to worry about. The quality of the bokeh is generally Ok within the limited capabilities of the slow max aperture at least.

Despite being tiny, the lens remains true to its “PRO” designation. It features a tightly assembled, weather-sealed, metal body and smooth control rings. The AF is both quick and noiseless.

The Olympus M.Zuiko ED 12-45mm f/4 PRO is certainly not a lens for everyone. The rather slow max aperture was subject to quite some debates at the time the lens was announced. While it is a limiting factor for some use-cases, you have to keep in mind that Olympus had different design objectives here. If you want more speed, just go for the ED 12-40mm f/2.8 PRO. However, if you want maximum portability, the ED 12-45mm f/4 PRO has its merits – especially when combined with one of the smaller Olympus cameras like the E-M5 III. Especially outdoor enthusiasts may appreciate such a package.


Curiosity: Olympus Admitted the ‘BlackMatter’ Ransomware Gang Got Them


Technadu reports:

Olympus has issued an announcement over the weekend, informing the public of a cybersecurity incident that has affected its IT systems since September 8, 2021, and is ongoing. The firm says its IT team is investigating the incident to evaluate its scope and effects, while forensics experts are working with its response group to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. The firm has promised to give updates when new information or more details become available, but so far, no updates have been posted on the website.