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One more full size image sample with the Nokton 17.5mm f/0.95


Yakinik posted one more full size image sample taken with the GX1 and the new Nokton 17.5mm f/0.95 lens on Flickr (Click here). It has been taken at full aperture and it looks not bad at all! The only thing that doesn’t look good is the high price. Until now I only found two preorder options in German ebay stores at Digitalhandel (Click here) and Bayern Fotoversand (Click here). Both for 1.299 Euro.

Meanwhile the other Nokton 25mm lens is getting a tiny bit cheaper. It’s available for 712 Euro on eBay (Click here) or for 718 Euro at Amazon France (Click here).

  • jorge

    Pretty thing! A must have!

  • Mike Aubrey

    Serious chromatic aberration.

  • pdc

    Take a look at the detailed design of this lens (13 elements in 9 groups), compare it to other premium fast wide-angle lenses (Leitz, Zeiss), consider how well the Nokton 25/0.95 (12 elements in 8 groups) has performed (now priced at $1200), and then continue to say it is over-priced!! Seriously Admin, give your head a shake.

    • Will

      The 25mm f0.95 is a speciality lens, it’s not an outstanding performer, it costs ridiculously large amounts of money especially since it’s counter part is a Leica branded, higher quality, cheaper, auto-focusing 25mm f1.4. It’s a hipster lens really, it’s bragging rites, it has nothing except good build quality and is basically a legacy lens sold to those of us that have problems with critical reasoning. Also it’s Voigtlander, which are generally low quality, more affordable option for Leica M’s, they’re loving this gullible M43 market. Seriously, give your head an examination.

      • Google translate links

        Well you may have made some right assessments here, but saying that Voigtländer lenses are low quality lenses surely isn’t one of them.

        PS : not sure why my comment is showing up with the subject line of one of my past message !

      • Mr. Reeee

        Very funny!
        Have you used one or are those just a bunch of sour grapes you’re munching on?

        The Nokton 25mm is an absolutely fantastic lens! The build quality is superb! Low light, daylight, close-up or for video, it’s one of the top M4/3 lenses along with the 7-14mm, 12mm and PL25mm.

        I somewhat agree about the price and certainly glad I got mine at the original price, before the 33% jump from $900 to $1200.

        That said, I pre-ordered a 17.5mm from a couple of weeks ago!

      • Steve

        Tell us how you really feel, Will!

        The 25/0.95 has way better ergonomics than the 25/1.4, especially on a Pen body where the 1.4 sounds like a coffee grinder when focusing. I wanted that lens until I actually mounted it on my camera. The 25/0.95 is a nice lens except for the price point, which is about 25% higher than it should be.

  • Doug

    You mean… $12,000…. dom’t you?

  • Bob B.

    Personally …. I think the GX1 is a gorgeous camera…and it has a lot to offer…yet everyone in so enthralled with the new Olympus OM….I just love the form factor of this camera and its performance…that combo looks like and awesome duo!
    The GX1 is small, streamlined, simple…and very much FUN!

    • Ferdinand

      The GX1 is indeed a nice camera, but it has three weak points:
      1. No tilting LCD
      2. No In Body Image Stabilization
      3. Restricted language options. Here in Japan one can buy the international model only in few shops against a higher price. The normal models have only Japanese language available. I do read Japanese well, but still find it cumbersome to *quickly* go through the menus if they are in Japanese.

      So, from now on I will avoid Panasonic cameras. Fortunately, Olympus is a good alternative.

      • Bob B.

        I have to disagree… the simplicity of the GX1 is its beauty. Small and to the point. I use lenses with IS if needed..It is immediate and produces powerful images for a camera of its size….kind of like less is more. Funny…everyone has different needs. It is really cool that we all have so many choices these days….That fact is a great thing these days!!!!

        • 43shot

          Tilting LCD, not needed and more bulk. Image stabilization, never needed it before. These are crutches not needed items for good photos.

          • Jason

            @43shot – Image stabilization is not a crutch, it is a premium function for people who don’t want to carry around a tripod the size of a crutch. And with the new 5-axis stability system, Olympus proves why their’s is the best in the business.

            • C

              IS is a crutch for getting your hands to stop shaking at 1/15. A tiltable LCD means nothing when the camera is next to the ground, you should dig a hole to get that crazy angle. Just like those skateborders who bought Yashicas.

          • Google translate links

            Tilting LCDs don’t necessarily make the camera bigger. Look at the tiny E-Pl3 ! Plus it is very handy for street shooting and in order to avoid bright sunlight.
            Of course, if you are only shooting in sunny weather and with bright primes you don’t need IS. But having IS increases photo opportunities.

            • Mr. Reeee

              Definitely! The EPL3 is less tha 4mm thicker and only a few grams heavier than the EPM1 and certainly NO ONE would call any of the NEX camera bodies behemoths!

              A tilting screen adds an amazing amount of functionality. I like it’s inconspicuousness for street shooting from waist level. It’s also great for manual focus, since it makes for a stable platform.

              Stabilization seems a bit gimmicky, though there are some benefits, but it’s no replacement for basic technique. I can take it or leave it.

          • Vlad

            Where is the bulk in an OM-D, a NEX-5n or a NEX-7? A tilting LCD is a great help, especially when you don’t have an EVF. And I personally find IS extremely useful. Yes, you can take pictures without them, but for the same price, I will always go with the camera which has those features.

        • Bob B.

          So….so in peoples’ opinions above….Basically what you are saying is that all the people the want camera smaller and more streamlined should always have to buy a camera with an articulating/tilting screen…even though there are already PLENTY of cameras out there with moveable screens????? All cameras should ALL be designed with articulating screens. LOL!
          That is really funny!

      • askb

        None of these are weak points for me.

        1. Very happy that there are no tilting LCD. I want it fixed and compact.
        2. Never thought of it but I turn of OIS on all my Panasonic lenses and even VR on my Nikon stuff. Don’t use this.
        3. Never seen this as a problem and I don’t speak one word of japanese.

        But I have one grudge with the Panasonic cameras – how they name files. They count up to 000999 and then continue on 010000. What happened to 001000? This really slows down my renaming work in Photo Mechanic when I have to change this for every Panasonic camera. But it’s a minor thing I chose to ignore.

        • So with Panasonic is number 001000 to 009999 not in use, you talk to Panasonic, about this.

        • Ferdinand

          If you do not speak one word of Japanese, then it may be especially a big problem when you buy a Lumix camera in Japan.

    • Vlad

      I agree that the form factor of the GX1 is great, but for 300US more you get quite a lot of features with the OM-D. It is just a better camera, imho.

  • Krazzzzzyyy

    The GX1 is the type of a camera that I would personally want to use due to its form factor and compactness. However, I cannot take a camera without a built-in viewfinder seriously. The Nex-7 set the precedent here.

    • Vivek

      Without a built in view finder it is half blind. Not serious- that is correct.

    • Bob B.

      The lens situation on the Nex was the killer for me.

      • Mr. Reeee

        NEX, with focus peaking and the 2.5MP EVF, is a perfect platform for adapted manual lenses, especially rangefinder lenses. The native NEX lenses are mostly garbage.

        A NEX-5N body costs the same as an EPL3! Pretty much a no-brainer.

        • Steve

          Who wants to buy into a system where the native lenses are junk? Plus the NEX bodies just look stupid.

          • Mr. Reeee

            For street shooting, a NEX-5N at waist level, with the TiltyScreen, and focus peaking would be absolutely killer coupled with one of my manual lenses… Nikon 20mm f2.8, Voigtländer Nokton 35mm f 1.4, Pentax 50mm SMC Takumar.

            For macro shooting, the same thing with Nikon 60mm f2.8 and 105mm f2.8 macro lenses.

            The NEX Low light capabilities are supposedly excellent.

            That doesn’t mean I’d dump my GH2 and M4/3 lenses, but it is nice to have options.

    • askb

      I do agree with you and sold my GF1 due to the lack of viewfinder and having difficulties framing and focusing in bright light – especially in the winter when everything is white. Bought the X100 last Spring but realized after 8 months that I prefer to use it with the LCD most of the time. One of the biggest advantages with and optical viewfinder is th be able to steady it agains my nose.

      I find the GX1 is a little better than the GF1 regarding using LCD in bright light, but it’s not that much different.

      • Google translate links

        You complain about problems using the LCD in bright light, but you find that a tilting LCD is superfluous ! I guess you never tried a camera with an articulated LCD ! Because this is one of the great advantage of flipping/moving LCD.

        • Vlad


  • Vivek

    The sample looks good. The CA is a bit too noticeable though.

    • Joe

      Purple fringing is troublesome as well. For such a high price, I would not expect this.

      • Richard

        i wonder how much CA actually exists on the Panasonic lenses but is removed automatically?

        i agree, CA looks nasty on this one.

        • Esa Tuunanen

          > i wonder how much CA actually exists on the Panasonic lenses but is removed automatically?
          Average quality level CA (quite a lot worser performances in cheap lenses of other systems) is really the thing you should be least worried.
          It isn’t the only thing swept under the carpet with software cheating but optical distortion and vignetting performance are below even low quality in many m4/3 lenses.

        • jim

          Unless they have CA removal information embedded into a chip on the lens the pannasonic will not do any CA correction.

    • remember this was shot at 0.95…if you want it to be perfect at that aperture,be prepared to pay double or even more

      • Vivek

        Where exactly one can buy such a lens for whatever price?

  • Yun

    The only set back for GX is not build in viewfinder like NEX 7 . Overall GX meet my current expectation but I expect more in future . Such as ISO 100 should refeature .
    I’m sure the next batch of GX will have viewfinder , the advance one .
    Right now , I’m very tempting with X Pro’s image quality but the design ( retro ) really disappoint me . The price also among the highest in rangefinder class . Still prefer to wait for Pana’s so called very high end product before decide for my no 1 camera .
    Still no news yet for the 2 X lenses from Pana .

    • Yun: I am in the same process as you. Nex has a few lenses, but with strange focal lengths. The Fuji is light but big, however has/will have the right lenses for me.
      The Pana “very high end” is the camera I put my hopes on. As I understand it will concern both GH and GX line. My hope is that it will include 3rd generation of m43 sensor. The Oly EM5 is great, but I like the logic of user interface that Pana has better.

  • PS

    Agree with both Vivek & Joe on the distortion, specially at this price level!

  • Duchemin

    Check out!

    They have great prices! Not only for the two Noktons. But also for the E-M5 and Olympus lenses. I ordered the 45 1.8 for 284 Swiss Francs that is as little as 235 EUR or 315 USD!

    • are those prices with taxes included? very interesting then, though they indicate the availability to be end of May.

  • has a preorder option too. Though be careful, import toll may be applied in your country…

  • Chez Wimpy

    That sample looks a bit worse than the 35/2 on my Canon 5D2 at f2.0

    Of course, the 35/2 was $300, fits in a pocket, and has AF/Auto Aperture. I really don’t understand these extreme efforts to introduce FF “equivalence” on a compact format. Far too many compromises (mechanical, optical, cost) involved IMO. For the cost of these two 0.95 lenses, you could have a second-hand 5D, a 35/2, 50/1.8, 100/2, and change to spare.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      > don’t understand these extreme efforts to introduce FF “equivalence” on a compact format.
      Besides that shallow DOF is there’s ligh gathering ability which allows shooting in less light.

      • anonymous

        to me, the deeper DOF (as compared to FF) with large aperture is an advantage: it’s like stepping down without losing light, so you can keep the ISO low. I’ll gladly take the m43 ‘compromise’ anyday

      • though of course the better high-iso performance of FF sensor will allow you to do that too…

    • another proof of a FF user’s questionable IQ ;-)

    • Mr. Reeee

      Why would you want a giant thing like a 5D? I would have loved, and could have bought a D700, but there’s no way I would ever carry such a beast around. Using some older Nikon prime lenses is a different story.

      I’m quite happy with my GH2 and Voigtländer 25mm. I can’t think of a better M4/3 camera/lens combo. Maybe with the new 17.5mm? Once I see some serious test images, then I can make an informed decision.

      As far as lens equivalence goes, 35mm and 50mm are classic lens focal lengths and it easier to relate to.

      • Anonymous

        Why would I like a giant thing like a 5D?

        I have 2 systems.

        My m43 system and my FF 5D system.

        I really love the quality from the 5D – it’s not just ahead of m43, its also still ahead of aps-c. Even the 7d while having higher resolution, doesn’t completely match up. It’s more technologically ahead – but still behind the IQ.

        That said, I take the 5d if i got room, and planning of course. It’s not the system to take lightly (pun intended!). I got a single wide zoom that’s heavier than my full m43 collection…

        If I have no plans, or really need mobility, m43 it is. I’m fine with the IQ I can get – I just opt for more from the 5D when i can.

        • Mr. Reeee

          I really couldn’t afford to have 2 systems. Mobility was the deciding factor why I chose M4/3 over a full frame Nikon system, even though I already had some Nikon lenses. An APS-C system, like a D7000, isn’t magnitudes better than a GH2 and it’s a helluva lot bigger. So, the GH2 won.

  • DR

    Well, what a lot of noise.

    Seems like dpreview here now, have the trolls become bored, or is there too much troll competition at dpreview now?

  • Yun

    The NEX system & X Pro although have better sensors over M4/3 but it’s limited by it’s glasses . They don’t have lenses I expect . A prime tele lens with fast aperature or zoom lens with constant aperature . I believe once M4/3 come out with it’s 3rd generation sensors as mentioned by kylberg or something to improve IQ by 1 more FS , this is the system everybody would like to own . Let’s see if the one so called very high end camara capable of achieving this standard .
    Decent Sensor + Optical Superiority = Exceptional IQ .

  • 0.95 on 35mm eq is a breakthrough and great inspiration for other lens manufacturers to go faster.

  • Too bad we don’t have more of a real-life photo, like a portrait where the person is in focus.

    The lens does seem to produce a lot of longitudinal CA, although most fast lenses do.

    • i agree, such lenses are perfect for portraits or people in general.

  • Rewzekk

    Lol people are complaining abot ca s and fringing at, o,95 get s life guys, the lens is an outstanding unique offer for this system even at a price, only a handful sub f1 lenses have been ever made the last decades,, kudos to CV

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