One more fake OM-D camera…


Just for fun guys: This is a Olympus OM-D design made by It’ based on the current rumors and looks like a mix between the OM-1 and E-P3. But that grip doesn’t look that nice for me. Would prefer no grip at all :)

  • mister_roboto

    Although it should be a granted… I really hope the OM-D has a AF assist lamp… Olympus has a way with disappointment.

    • blastingmills

      I actually like the fact that Olympus cameras are designed to AF without an assist light. I always found those assist lights ultra annoying, especially in discrete situations. I don’t want a camera dependent on a light to AF.

      • MJr

        +1, Give us a few awesome Manual Focus aid instead. Full-screen magnification, windowed overlay, and focus peeking and such. Plus lenses like the 12/2 to go with it =)

  • Rob of OZ

    Hmmm i kind of like it.
    Be nice to have the removalable grip like the PEN for those that want the “clean” look, and the D links for your strap etc look solid and retro for the style people out there

    on side note: I think if I bought one i’ld make a DeCal for the pyrmid above “Olympus” to make it ahh look like a pyrmid..

  • Mar

    This one looks actually kind of plausible :)

    • Rob of OZ

      Agree, but the close up sort of has me having flash back to HAL. i can hear the voices now.

      “I’m sorry David, but i cant do HDR right now”

    • Keith

      Ha ha – really?
      It has the 45/1.8 on the front. It’s a really narrow lens. If it was plausablr the camera would be smaller than a EPM1!

  • Rockfish

    I’m looking forward to this release, I don’t mind a slight prism on top, still less bulky than attaching the VF-2. I may at last let my slow auto focussing, grainy E-P1 retire :-)

    • TomR

      Agreed. Anything would be better than attaching the VF-2. I use the vf2 all the time and I want something more solid. I’ll take an ungly hump any day. I hope the viewfinder doesn’t also stick out the back like the pannasonic ones do.

      • Ross

        I don’t need to worry, but some people have a BIG snozz & need the view finder to stick out. ;)

        • Well maybe a revolving screen is important point.

        • TheEye

          I’ve never seen Pinocchio with a camera…

          • Ross

            :D He could never tell a lie if he tried to use a camera with a view finder.

            • Gabriel

              He can use the Nex7 or X-1Pro, or any other camera with EVF/OVF on the left, making room for big nose :)

    • The only reason for having a prism is an optical path. This is in turn implies a hybrid viewfinder.

      It there is a separate light path from the sensor, that might imply that there are PDAF sensors, as we say from the December Oly patent.

      Admin, are you sure you can’t find more about this? It would possibly be the most important feature of the camera, next to a new sensor.

  • Pete

    I hope there will be a modern, new body too. Retro may be nice, but there are so much chances to make a better and more usefull concept for digital kameras in the 21th century!

    • Max

      what if the view finder is also in triangle

  • Gazza

    What will happen to al the 4/3rds lenses? Everyone is talking micro.

  • The is retro, but the is also water pro, the is a big point for me.

    • MJr

      Well .. don’t go swimming with it.

  • Berneck

    At least it’s better than that other attempt….

  • Antoine

    I agree about the hand grip. Visually it’s ruining the Fuji X-1 Pro. Here’s how the the X-1 pro would look without it…

  • Mikey

    Looks like the camera is a frankenstein. It’s basically an EP3 with a hump added from an OM camera and the apeture changing tabs taken from an X100. An aperture ring with those tabs would be pretty sweet. Also a physical shutter dial would be icing on the cake.

    Despite the frakenstein nature of the mockup, it looks very nice.

    Hopefully what Olympus releases will be similar.

    • P

      Those are not aperture changing tabs from X100 but the tabs of the shutter speed changing ring (on the mount) from the original OM-1,2,3,4.

  • Ross

    This is looking closer to what I think it would be, but don’t forget there is also a pop up flash. Essentially, an E620 shaped body with E5 controls (or E30) with the listed specs rumoured so far (which includes the VF-2 EVF goods built in) & with the finish in silver or black with leather covering similar to the OM bodies, I think that may come close to what we might see. It’s fun to speculate, but I hope the SWD lenses can work better on this model with a new sealed adapter.

  • 43shot

    When I sold my 5D and got a GF1 I did it because I was tired of taking that brick with me. Anything more than a tad bigger than a GF1 and it is just going to sit at home. M43 was all about a mall camera for me not something that keeps getting bigger.

  • dvdyeo

    I’d like everything to be the same, except removal of the leatherette and addition of a gx1 grip!

  • Guy McLoughlin

    I love the mirror lock-up switch on the side of the lens mount. It must work REALLY well on a mirror-less camera! :-)

  • Craiig Richardson

    I don’t think the real camera will have that mirror-box bulge. It is not necessary and instead the lens will mount flush with the body, like the E-P3

  • ArtP

    Don’t worry about that grip, it’s removable… and there’s a beefier one too, for those of us that need to hold the camera one handed. :)

  • One more fake OM-D camera… before the REAL one? When’s that coming!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing, the mock up looks good, but I prefer my OM-D to look more like the classic.

    Here the grip is too wide, and too high, it should not cover the top metal area. Removing the line from the top metal area will give the camera cleaner look.

    The hump should move up a little higher, until the word “OLYMPUS” levels with the shoulders. I found the hump too much to the right, the original OM hump is in the middle of the body.

  • Pei

    Larger grip a la NEX-7, a much smaller hump, thinner at lens mount….now we are talking.

  • lone.samurai

    Other than that grip it looks very pleasing indeed. The contrast of the silver metal and black works nicely and creates a balanced seperation. The metal has that smooth machined looked to it. I would like to see a shot with an addon grip for larger lenses.

  • lone.samurai

    Looking closer I see it’s a little barren on the top left of the camera(top left of it’s face) where there should be a couple of dials for iso, ev etc….

  • flash

    He updated his picture, it even looks better, with correct lens release etc. Now all he has to do is change the lens from a 45mm to 26mm. So it will make me happy.

    • If we’re going to start a wish list for Zuiko primes, I vote:

      21mm f1.7 a la Olympus 35 SP
      25mm f1.4 a la Olympus OM

      Give the people an alternative to Pany (although I do love my Pany 20mm, just needs an aperture ring!).

      • My M.Zuiko wish list:
        High Grade 17mm f/1.4
        High Grade 25mm f/1.4

        • Camajan

          but i would agree to f1.8… :-)

        • MJr

          I believe Olympus calls it UHQ for Ultra High Quality.

          But yes please on that wish-list, especially the 17/1.4. That would be too good to be true.

          I would take 17/2 or 1.8 tho if it has the quality all the way wide open.

  • robin

    even if this is fake i still love it

  • Dave

    I would buy it if it didnt have the ep3 grip.

  • MacroFan

    Nice fake,lose the grip

    • MJr

      It only needs to fit inside the leather height, then it will look fine. I wouldn’t mind a little screw hole like with the e-p3, to at least have the option for a matching grip.

  • Charlie

    Kinda fugly.

  • Lupo

    these fakes are embarrassing :-( … and very boring

    • TheEye

      I’d prefer a daily picture of Keira Knightley over any other kind of daily page filler. Or do I mean Natalie Portman? Nevermind, either the latter or her clone will do. :-P

      • Lupo

        Natalie Portman is not playing nice with hump.
        …and “daily” new, it would boring too.

        Keira Knightley? Ok, she is obviously very portable


        • Bimbo

          I would prefer a Monica Belluci with 2 large dials and a very small aperture. ;)

        • Mr. Reeee

          But is she pocketable? ;-)

  • Miroslav

    Nice try, but… If you look at recent Olympus cameras, you’ll se that E-400 shape was an evolution of OM-2000 . So, I presume OM-D shape will be evolution of E-450 ( which looks almost like E-400 ). Which should not be a bad thing…

    • marilyn211

      so true but i hope it will be like a OM…. thing … we want more

  • samshootsall

    Yes, it is close…I could see the VF Hump being alittle bit bigger and the VF is Circular. Something about the circular VF is very attractive like on a RF. And it should have a pop up flash above the VF…

  • It cannot be a 45mm lens with 37mm thread! If the lens is 45mm, the camera is extremely small.
    It is a cleaned up OM (film) with a grip. Not very trustworthy. Not worth publishing really.

  • Farrukh

    If this was it, I’d be happy :)

  • The Real Stig

    I predict that around February 14th, Olympus will release a new camera. It will look like a camera.

    Most of the Wanabe posters ( I wan’ it to be this, I wan’ it to be that ) on this forum will declare they are totally disappointed and that it falls way short of their precious needs and requirements and that it is so disappointing they won’t be able to take ultra-wide angle, noise free, portraits of vampires, lit by only a new moon, that auto focus in 1 millisecond. Half of the rest will say it is too expensive and they think there is no future in mft or ft and that they are going to get a CanNikSonung instead.

    The remaining few, who prefer to take photos, rather than to endlessly dissect the technical merits of their tools, will slink quietly away, buy it and manage to take photos with it. The others will scratch their collective heads and wonder how they manage to do that.

    • Haha :) I just bought the Nikon 1 as my mirrorless choice.. I must be totally retarded.. (but if you compare the raw files, AF, buffer, against m43 you will understand ;))

      • The Real Stig

        I shoot slide film on an OM4-Ti. I would not understand.

        • Exactly. Because the OM4-Ti beats the Nikon 1 ANY day. And by a large margin!

      • Nathan

        The Nikon 1 is neat and all, it does have fantastic performance for what it is- but I really think Nikon could have done with a much larger sensor. Not APS-C, but larger than 2.7x crop. How do you get shallow depth of field EVER with that crop factor? Your lenses will be almost half the focal length as even 4/3. I have to admit, the frame rate is neat, but many times I shoot at 1/30th of a frame per second or less.
        I hope they support it with some very fast primes.

    • Mike

      :-) – same procedure as every year

      • Mr. Reeee

        It’s the same procedure for EVERY camera and EVERY lens announcement! It’s all rather depressingly repetitive, isn’t it?

    • Rchard

      +10000 To The Real Sig

  • Frank

    no more fakes, please. Show us the real OM-D.

  • Asasino

    Uglier than a PEN!

  • safaridon

    While this rendition is likely to be closer to the real thing I do hope for a magnesium metal body looking more like that of the original OMs in quality. This fake shows the thin lightweight aluminum top similar to that used in the EPs, also I don’t see any hotshoe and if hidden in the rear would interfer with the viewfinder some? I think based on the VF2 size that the center hump will be bigger than shown but do think the a triangle hump to match the round EVF eyepiece looks better than a square rectangular one.

    One spec item I do like is hopefully the new IBIS will be better and will not be problematic at certain speeds and the added camera weight should help.

    This appears to be the OM based model I hoped and assumed that Oly would build to challenge the DSLRs right from the start to compliment their PENs. Hopefully the time has been well spend in R&D to now give us a very good finished product.

  • OlyDude

    The original OM cameras (OM 3 and 4) has a detachable grip that is way smaller than the one on the picture. It works well too. Surely Olympus would thought about that.

    Gotta say, that fake mock up does not look half bad.

  • Jarek

    OLYMPUS – We want FULL FRAME !!!!

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