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OMD vs A7 design (not really close).


There were rumor saying that Sony would launch a FF NEX (named A7 and A7r) with a sort of OMD design. The sketch on top is supposed to be 100% accurate of the camera that will be announced by Sony next week. If you compare the images you will see that there are quite many differences. Overall the OMD design looks more “harmonic” while the Sony looks like a sort of Lego assembled camera.

A couple of things to know about the Olympus-Sony OMD vs A7:
1) The Sony camera doesn’t come with the 5axis Olympus IBIS (this one is supposed to come with the next A-mount cameras)
2) The OMD (E-M1) and the A7/A7r share exactly the same Epson EVF.
3) OMD and A7/A7r do have about the same body size

And the A7 costs twice as much as the OMD.

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