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OM Digital talks about three possible future models: OM-1 “junior”, OM-1X and PEN-F successors!


Gizmomo talked with an OM System manager. Asobinet made this quick summary:

Q : Do you have high hopes for “OM-1 Junior” products as well?

A : We feel that there is a demand for an “OM-1 Junior” type product. I wonder what there is… (laughs)… I hope you can look forward to it.

Asobinet thoughts: “Many MFT users must have expected the “OM-5” to become a “OM-1 Junior” model. “OM-5” was not a model like “OM-1 Junior”, but I’m wondering if it will be “OM-5 II” or another model.”

Q : The current lineup is all in the 20-megapixel class, so is there a target there?

A : If you increase the number of pixels, you need to pay attention to the shooting processing time and noise resistance. For us, I think that the background is that we decide the number of pixels of the sensor based on the balance and sense of rhythm of the overall shooting, rather than trying to find the number of pixels unnecessarily.

Q: What about the development of high-resolution models and video-enhanced models?

A : Well, there are some things that are hard to say (bitter smile)…We would like customers other than Shochikubai’s current lineup to use our cameras. For example, in the case of video, we believe that our strengths, such as image stabilization and dust/splash resistance, will definitely come in handy, so we are of course considering (new products) that are different from what we have up until now.

Asobinet thoughts: “Will high-resolution devices and video-oriented cameras appear in the future? I think it is difficult to make a schedule in the corona crisis, but MFT users who are paying attention to whether they will follow competitors or push forward on their own route. Isn’t there a lot?”

Q: What is the evaluation and evolution of subject recognition AF?

Customers have strong expectations, and this is not the end of the story.

Q: What is the future development of the OM-D E-M1X line?

A : We have a lot of expectations and requests from our customers. We are not satisfied with that, and we are doing our best to deliver products that make the OM-1 even more powerful, regardless of what shape it will take.

Asobinet thoughts: “At the moment, I don’t know if it will be a direct successor to the “OM-D E-M1X”, but it seems that they are developing a model that is even more powerful than the “OM-1”. It will be interesting to see if it will be the “OM-1X” or a new model with a new concept.”

Q: What is the future development of the “PEN-F” line?

A : Looking at customer surveys, the design and profile control are highly appreciated. Based on these points, we are in the process of really considering how to evolve the “PEN” series in the future.

Asobinet thoughts: “There have been expectations for the new “PEN-F” for some time, but looking at the exchanges between the two, I get the impression that the fact that the “PEN-F” has not led to profits is a big obstacle.”

Q : What is happening with the lens type II renewal?

A : We are planning to gradually change the OLYMPUS brand to the OM SYSTEM brand for lenses that have already been released. In line with the movement, we will consider in the plan to change the necessary lenses while renewing them.


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