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OM Digital Solutions will release some future product details on Thursday at CP+


OM Digital released a statement at

Q2: What do you want people to pay special attention to?
On the 25th, our company’s Setsuya Kataoka will deliver a presentation entitled “OM Digital Solutions’ Thoughts on Inheriting Olympus”, which may contain new information on the future development of cameras and lenses, and possibly new products. It’s a talk by the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of the technology division of our camera business, so don’t miss it!

Setsuya Kataoka and Koichiro Saito, CTO of Olympus Corporation (from 10:00 a.m. on the 25th)
Setsuya Kataoka, CTO of Olympus Corporation, will talk passionately about the background of the establishment of the new company “OM Digital Solutions” and the future prospects of cameras and lenses from the standpoint of being in charge of camera development. The “lens roadmap,” which has already been released but has been attracting a lot of attention from many people, should also appear again in this content. Please keep an eye on it to see what kind of comments will be “topped” with it.

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