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OM Digital has announced the new Four Thirds website


You can now see the new Four Thirds website at

Here is the press text:

Tokyo, Japan, April 2, 2021 – OM Digital Solutions Corporation1 and Panasonic Corporation2 co- released the Micro Four Thirds System standard in 2008, and promoted its adoption throughout the camera industry. The Four Thirds System Forum Secretarial Office3, which operates and manages this standard, proudly announced today that the official Micro Four Thirds website ( has been redesigned to coincide with Four Thirds Day, April 3, 2021. The redesigned site uses the latest technology to enhance the overall user experience. It is equipped with a search function for Micro Four Thirds products, making the website easier for customers to use, and offers mobile-friendly compatibility for responsive viewing of images and content that render beautifully, across all popular devices, such as PCs, tablets and smartphones.

As a shared standard, Micro Four Thirds has facilitated the development of a diverse range of lineups and systems that transcend the boundaries of manufacturers, expanding the potential for enjoyment and application of images, and is currently supported by 56 companies, including companies focusing on BtoB operations. Offering high image quality, our compact, lightweight systems have won support from many customers, and in 2020 became the best-selling4 lens by mount in the Japanese interchangeable lens camera market. Through this website, we will provide content such as product information and convey the merits of Micro Four Thirds to more customers, continuing to promote the Micro Four Thirds System standard.43rumors

Major points of update

  1. Easy-to-view appearance compatible with a variety of devicesA responsive web design has been adopted. This optimizes the display of content in response to the screen size of the device used, such as smartphones or tablets, resulting in design that is easy to view and use.
  2. Search function for Micro Four Thirds products addedA search function has been added that allows users to find equipment that meets their needs from among a wide range of products from participating companies, without being constrained by the limits of any particular manufacturer. This function also features direct links to the websites of each company so that users can obtain more detailed information with ease.
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