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OM 40-150mm F/4 PRO Lens Review by ePhotozine: Highly Recommended!


ePhotozine tested the 40-150mm lens and concluded:

One of the really good things about the MFT system is that we do get lighter, more compact cameras and lenses and this is a real boon for those who travel and to be honest, all of us who do walk and explore places. The potential of compact cameras/lenses can be lost somewhat if either of those is still bulky, and some mirrorless lenses do fall into that trap. Not OM System though, and lenses such as this new 40-150mm f/4 are as compact and lightweight as the cameras that go with them. So for travel, wildlife, architecture, portraiture, fashion and many other subjects, the new lens is pitched perfectly. The cost is on the higher side until such time as offers come along, but the lens can justify that and in isolation looking at the price it is still within boundaries that could be described as affordable. Affordable is a fluid concept of course, but it is measured here in hundreds rather than the thousands that some optics demand.

Overall, the OM System M.Zuiko 40-150mm f/4 PRO lens can be ‘Highly Recommended’.

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