Olympus Teases a new announcement…


The message you see here on top has been posted by GetOlympus on Facebook. As I told you yesterday we should expect at least a new 75-300mm II MFT lens and a new XZ-10 compact camera. This doesn’t sounds really…”big”.  I also know that a new MFT camera and a new f/2.8 fast zoom are scheduled to be in store in Spring but I am expecting it to be announced in 1-2 months.

Question now is: that “Big announcements” are just marketing blabla or are they going to surprise us with the MFT camera announcement? I wouldn’t hope too much for now but I would be happy to be proved wrong :)

P.S.: And if you visits GetOlympus Facebook site you may find the time to join our facebook 43rumors group too! :)

Thanks Leo for finding this!

  • Why is Olympus obsessed with facebook? They seem to use facebook for everything.
    There are many many people who do NOT use facebook. There are also a lot of those that use Olympus cameras.
    Maybe they would be better at market penetration by using some other means. I only know of Olympus through this site. Without this site I would know nothing of Olympus, they just don’t connect well with people.

    • Robbie

      If they don’t use Facebook, some people are bound to say marketing failure…there is no way to please every one.

      • franceso

        It’s not so much that they put material and announcements on facebook, it is the fact that it is the *only* place they seem to do anything.

        There are lots of people who just don’t have the time to waste tooling around on facebook, others who value their privacy, then some who use google+ – obviously Olympus don’t want these groups as customers.

        Sadly the world is driven more and more by marketing droids.

        • In Switzerland absolutely no advertising for Olympus cameras. Even in shops mentioned as official Olympus dealers it is hard to find Oly cameras. So there are not a lot people that even know Olympus. Poor PR.

    • W. C.

      Because Olympus has to act cool. Like, you know, Facebook is like, cool?

      Olympus, being a likeable company, wants to use Facebook, which they like a lot, to like, leverage its likeableness. Especially to the generation(s) that like to use the word like a lot, and who like to use Facebook, where they can Like what they like, because some things are just likeable. Like, you know, Olympus?

    • michael

      Did you hear about the announcement? Yes, you did.

      So who cares whether they use Facebook, Twitter, the Associated Press, or the Goodyear blimp?

      Obviously Facebook is a near-free way for them to get the word out. And since you commented and are therefore aware of the announcement, it worked.

      • A bit of a silly statement. If Admin mentioned it then yes, but what its about I like many others don’t have a clue.
        So they have not achieved their objective have they?

    • The Master Rides Again

      I’M BACK………….. Miss me?

      Truth be told, Olympus belongs with Facebook. Just keep them both in that sordid little corner where they belong, so I don’t have to look at them.

      Now bring on the GX2 rangefinder and 42.5 rumors please and lets get this show on the road. :)

    • Dave

      Jim, welcome to 2008. Find me a company NOT on Facebook. And please, quit whining about things so unimportant.

      • How do I know if its unimportant? I can’t see it.
        They might be announcing the end of the world. AND. I will miss it.

    • xmort

      Facebook advertisement doesnt cost a dime. I am afraid that their marketing budget is quite limited, at least when it comes to consumer products. Their marketing is much more geared towards pruducts such as endoscopes and microscopes.

    • tony

      +1 from me

  • W. C.

    Here we go again… Olympus marketing machine on the rampage.

    It has to be a PEN EP3 successor with builtin EVF. At least. They cannot continue to ignore this market. Or could be a digital version of Trip 35. Either or both would be great additions to Olympus’ m4/3 lineup.

    As for lenses, hard to tell. Will they do the impossible and finally release an m4/3 version of the 12-60 f/2.8-4?

  • WSG123

    Lets see, I have the 12, 12-35, 20, 25, 45, 60, 75 and 35-100. They’re all pretty solid. Long telephotos please, that’s what the system is lacking, IMHO.

    • Long telephotos and few more key high quality weathersealed lenses are what the system needs.

  • street

    Ummm I am wating for the first olympus (ep5) or panasonic (gx2) with viewfinder. I will buy the first brand in the market…..

  • Mike Fix

    Global Shutter?

  • Ton

    Maybe a camera or system for professional use with sony collaboration? A new series of m43? Higher than om-d series? An OMG!

    • Dave

      An OMFG I hope.

      • kavat


  • Mikey

    The last Olympus teaser I remember was when they made that super spiffy video about their f2.0 tough camera. They marketed it as dslr video in a tough camera which isn’t really true.

    I really do like Olympus’s marketing videos though. They do know how to add flare and style to them.

    With that said, if Olympus is teasing us I’m sure they have something that is at least a little unique. Although their F2.0 tough camera didnt set the photography world on fire, it is the best tough style camera on the market.

  • adaptor-or-die

    lets hope it’s at least the mFT EVF model. Hyping a new lens or a compact model camera (haven’t all the new compact models been leaked by now anyway?) would be far too marketing enthusiast?

    The Spring delay comments were deliberate misdirection to re-surprise the release?

  • I wonder if this ‘new’ and ‘different’ camera will be anything like the old but never produced Olympus MDN, otherwise known as the OM-X. There, a ready-made name for it, including the trendy ‘X’.
    Google those names and wonder. Just thinking about the possibility causes a bit of dampness about the nether regions of this little pixie.

  • DrDave

    Olympus have discovered 24p!!!

  • Walter

    300 f/4, please, the lens that more than anything else would complete the m4/3 lens lineup.

    • Fish

      I agree

    • Sören


    • digifan

      Weathersealed and lightning fast AF, silver or black I don’t mind either, I will buy it. Will put camouflage colours on anyway.
      After that we need a body with full speed C-AF (pref Nikon fast), that would put an end to my need to sometimes rent a DSLR.

    • To complete the lens lineup they should make 3 or 4 better zooms then the existing ones from 12 to 300mm…

  • Anonymous

    This is easy, black 75mm super duper special edition with super black coating for $400 extra , only available on facebook with a “like” being a sucker.

  • Anonymous

    Like, be a fool, pay $300 for $10 in accessories. Yes, $10. If most people knew what a lens hood cost to make they would be shocked. I produce many products in Asia and I am always shocked at my low costs. I need to have special edition models as well- So funny and so high margin!

    • Paul

      I bought the Oly 45mm, it’s the only Oly lense I own. I bought a hood for it on ebay for €5. The hood works great. I encourage more people to do this instead of paying ridiculous Oly prices and then complaining about it.

  • Miroslav

    Well, the new 75-300mm II is certainly going to be big :).

  • Shouldn’t they announced the new firmware for the OM-D that should be add a big feature ? I am still waiting…

  • Borbarad

    Well if those would be:

    12-60mm F2.8-4
    300mm F4
    One TS Lens

    That would be big, otherwise……….


    • Why has the 12-60mm for M43 taken on god qualities. I have one on my E30, its nice, yes. Do I want a m43 version for the EP2 and EM5? NO. Try something just a little better maybe a little wider at the wide end and keep the aperture or just a little faster at the wide end, or constant 2.8
      There are lots of little lenses so a larger HQ one would not go astray. 10-55@f2 to f3 water resistant, fit between the 12-50 and 12-60 size wise.

      • Ross

        I have the 14-54 II on my E30, but if I could get a 12-50 f2.8-3.5 with better, sharp IQ than the existing 12-50 for my E-M5, then I would be happy (if it is also splash proof). I guess we can keep wishin’ & hopin’. :\ I feel a song coming on! ;)

  • Mr. T

    Yawn, another 500 dollar useless fixed lens ps camera from olympus, and ripp off accesories to boot. When will ppl stop being so stupid?

  • Beautemps

    “A big announcement” on facebook. Must be something for kids! A XZ10 with WiFi and in camera JPEG prozessing Apps…

  • Flash

    Lenes will now include goods.;). And cases.

  • Vivek

    Finally! Olympus are going to announce that blender after all!

    • Only 110 volts for USA. That way no complaints from the vast majority of people, those outside the USA, about price policy and USA subsidy.

  • Leendert

    Hello Olympus/Panasonic, I need a very sharp 300mm f4 + 1.4 TC!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Leendert

      Or a premium Panasonic 200-400mm f4-5.6
      Very sharp, good contrast… at 400mm f5.6 (The Panasonic 100-300mm is not good at 300mm f5.6)
      Same IQ as Panasonic 35-100mm f2.8
      I want to pay 2000 euros!

  • fvanzela

    Ep-5 coming with a kit lens 12-60 2.8-4… that would the perfect companion for the OMD EM5…

  • OMDowner

    EC-14 and EC-20 for 75/1.8 (and futre Panasonic 150/2.8)
    14-50 f/2.8-3.5
    40-150 f/2.8-3.5
    7mm f/2.8

    • nobody

      Make that standard zoom a 12-50mm and I’m completely with you :-)

  • ObviousTroll

    I only know what is NOT going to be big: sensor.

  • goffen

    I’we heard it’s a new buttcam called BigBen.

    • ZOID

      For capturing those big movements.

  • Miroslav

    Olympus is known for showing mockups of future products, so we may get a preview of that F2.8 zoom scheduled for spring.

  • I think it’s safe to say that a new camera will be announced since they’re announcing rebates on lenses when you buy the OM-D. as for the lens announcement, i think it’s going to be a wide-angle fast zoom…only because they already announced a telephoto zoom…if the wide zoom wasn’t anything special they would have announced it alongside the new tele zoom.

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