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Olympus still committed to Four Thirds DSLRs (dpreview press release)


Surprise surprise!!!

John Knaur (Olympus US) told “We still plan to develop full size DSLRs and both, side-by-side.
And an official statement from Olympus Japan says “In the future, you will continue to see new cameras based on both standards.

Both statements are a response to the following sentence made few days ago by Richard S. Pelkowski (Olympus US) “The Olympus E system of Four Thirds cameras is likely to be completely mirrorless in two years time, according to Olympus America’s DSLR product manager.” (source Amateur Photographer)

Just my personal toughts:

The only way Olympus can convince me that FourThirds is still alive is to release new FourThirds cameras and FourThirds lenses! So…Hurry Up! :)

  • Visitor

    That’s what I wanted.
    However, I would say that new FT camera or E-5 may not launch in 24 months….

  • Mike

    Admin says: The only way Olympus can convince me that FourThirds is still alive is to release new FourThirds cameras and FourThirds lenses! So…Hurry Up! :) Yes Olympus, has to release some new Zuiko Digital fast primes :).

    When m43 technology will by up to E-System without any current limitations (CDAF is not that snappy as PDAF, just few M.Zuiko lenses and not even one in High Grade series that we know from E-System…) I can’t see no problem in replacing classic FT with mirror-less technology. But this needs time. And patience as applies to be a photographer. It is normal because the m43 needs to grow up, and classic Four Thirds is already here for those who wants well-tried camera system. But this needs time. And patience too as applies to be a photographer.

  • This winter is cold with temperatures down to -30C (-22F).
    The LCD display becomes so slow at these freezing cold temperatures.
    I rather use an optical viewfinder, in those conditions.

    Of course, Olympus can launch a camera with a heated display, but that will drain the batteries quicker.
    The bonus at these low temperatures, is that you get very low noise contributions in your pictures, since the sensor is not heated up at all. The drawback is that the camera is cold to hold as well.

  • elf0724

    I’m from Taiwan.
    English is not my native language, but I’ll try to express correctly.
    This is a blog wrote by a Janpanese.

    The blog said that Olympus had applied for two patents during this early year in Janpan.
    The first one is a mount adapter which include a wide angle adjustment built-in.
    The second one is to build some electric point on the adapter and enable it to focus by SWD.
    In some Taiwanese forum, we has discussed about that “if Olympus want to make a mirrorless Four Thirds camera, what will they do with the space saved from the mirror?”
    Maybe they can add some machinery such as anti-shake, HD movie recorder or maybe they will add one just like above two things?

  • napalm

    that’s more like it. the market is still not ready to go fully mirrorless unless we see a real market-wide transition. Olympus can pioneer the move but it should be gradual and not based on a 2-year plan which is very short in my opinion

    okay… any Oly FT rumors yet? :D

  • Agent00soul

    Hmmm.. a wide adapter that allows you to mount legacy lenses on m4/3 and get the same FOV as on a 35 mm film camera. That would indeed be something! Especially since it would make the lenses brighter too.

  • AT

    Of course Olympus will maintain two product lines with m4/3 targeted for compact-body size with compact lenses, while keeping 4/3 standard for traditional-style DSLR.

  • John

    Still waiting not very well for the E-5. Where is it? There were whole lot of Olympus promises made about the Pro seris not lagging behind. Maybe I should have migrated last time instead of investing further, because I belived them.
    In an interview with Olympus it was promised that the pro E series would allways be on a 2 year cycle. Well seeing as the E-3 came out on 17 October 2007, (I call BS!) it is over 4 months late even if on the shelves tommorow.
    I am not asking 4 a miricales here, just the same 12MP that has been out for over a year with better ISO & DR, video would be cool, & other little bells. I love Oly lenses & inovation those have been what has kept me here. Despite the advances by other camera companies in the same period. I want 2 give Olympus more $, but need new better products to do it.

  • Charles

    It takes time to develop new DSLRs. If they don’t have one that’s much better than their current cameras why bother releasing one? Cameras don’t steady improvement, it’s done in leaps, whenever a new sensor, processing cheap or maybe focusing module is released. Just one doesn’t mean it’s enough for a new camera. Give it time. Like Apple, I think when they do release a new camera, it will be a big improvement.

  • rUY

    It tooks 3 years, the E5 still not even exist. the continuously delay of the Lens road map also a factor that lead me think limited resouces will be share by 4/3. I will interpret the press release announcement from Olympus is trying to reduce the impact of sudden drop of 4/3 products. In fact, e-620 is discontinued. what will be done next by OM are easily expected.

  • Sam

    >In fact, e-620 is discontinued.
    They discontinued the E-620? Where did you hear that?

  • killian

    for my money, m43 is the future. with the same sensors, why even bother with the extra bulk of standard slr style 43? i know there are probably a thousand reasons why somebody would choose an slr style body over the styles of m43.
    if i were in charge i’d allocate all resources toward being the best in m43. push those higher DR and better ISO techs! and complement with fast sharp glass!

  • rUY

    I was going to type 520 but mistakenly key in 620. thanks for point it out.

  • John

    Response 2 Charels

    I am very aware new camera tech dosen’t grow on trees. Out of all of the EVIL & DSLR camera companies Panasonic & Olympus have by far the easiest job of upgradeding sensors! They only deal with 1 sensor size & put it all the bodies so far. Not as all the other companies, dealing with multiple sizes & formats. Which means the investment, development, & production costs are less per unit & recouped faster.
    What would be awsome is if the extra wait was over black silicon sensors, but that is doubtful at this point.
    The E-3 is a good camera, but it isn’t competive with the mid line anymore, & in many ways not even entry level cameras. I don’t expect 1D specs or 3D, but better iso & DR would be great, throw in video & a couple little “extras” that most cameras have now. Now a bigger upgrade would be nice, but not by a year late. So many “Pro” oly shooters were lost last time.
    Allot of people will say “so what?” Personally I know of 29 people who have bought Oly DSLRs just because I shoot with it. That is why canon has so many people buy them “white lenses”. The more people buy Oly, the more products they develop. Obviously the reverse is true as well.

  • dMS

    I never heard anybody from classic 4/3 saying that Olympus. should abandon m4/3 . I understand some people like it, but Why they need criticise 4/3 products, and the genuine needs of ones who have a commitment with classic 4/3. Maybe, just maybe, this site is not enough for both of us. I think the name of the site is still 4/3 Rumors, not m4/3 Rumors.

  • Maybe the E-3 replace´ment will come as soon as Panasonic can deliver a global shutter sensor;-) That would be worth waiting for, and people could stop being frustrated that there system is so much behind on many fronts.

    Until then i would really like them to put out a camera that do minimum 720P 60Fps for my fourthirds lenses with AF. If the GH1 AF with my 12-60, 50-200 and 50-500 i would have bought it longtime ago.

    That is just my needs;-)

  • Rocky

    Can you include dates & time when you post official statements or quote people?

  • bandicot

    Well, I hope Olympus will develop more 4/3 bodyes since for pro’s those are better. A mirror is much better than having the sensor showing you picture on the scree, or in another small screen, like a viewfinder mockup. That consumes power, folks, is slower and not as reliable. Micro 4/3 is good for their purpose, but 4/3 is for those who want a more pro, more reliable camera, with more power, compact flash card, battery grip and so on and on.
    So, I really hope Olympus will release more 4/3 bodies and lenses since they’re the best in my opinion, they got the best build quality and the best glass. Philosophy is good also, but in this paste, some people won’t be so patient as I am and all the Canon and Nikon ads, throw dirt at everyone with their “innovations” targeted directly to the brand lovers pockets. So, hurry up, Olympus.

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