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Olympus shareholder meeting summary…


As you may know there was an important Olympus shareholders meeting. Mr. Huasa is now officially the new CEO of Olympus. And as he told many times during the last weeks he will now simplify the digital camera business and focus even more on the Micro Four Thirds system (that’s good news!).

And now some news about the Olympus “fee scandal”. Mr. Woodford attempt to get Japanese shareholders on his side failed. TheOnlinePhotographer (Click here) reports that “Despite the highly unusual tenor of the meeting, described by one newspaper as “raucous,” Olympus shares rose 6.4% in the aftermath.“. And the Japanese watchdog agency wants to fine Olympus for $2.5 million only (Engadget). It sound almost like Olympus saved his ass out from the situation and all what remains is the book Woodford wrote about the Olympus scandal (Amateur Photographer) :)

Question now is, will Fuji or Sony partner with Olympus or will Olympus manage to get forward alone? The last scenario would be my prefered! :)

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