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Olympus says they will may go back making DSLR if Mirrorless keeps growing.


On top you can see the E-7 prototype close to the E-M1.

In an Interview at Amateur Photographer Olympus Manager Terada said:

“Nobody knows 10 years away… once we can get a very nice share [in mirrorless] we may expand the business to DSLR again, but at this moment we are just concentrating on mirrorless and we have no plan to go into DSLR.

Terada also believes that:

Olympus has the potential to take a large chunk of the market, in two ways: by winning over existing DSLR users; and by pulling in complete newcomers to system cameras.”

Hmmm, don’t think this will ever happen…Olympus going back to DSLR. Niet.

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