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Olympus Q2 financial report: Strong OMD sales help to achieve growth


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Olympus posted the Q2 financial report. Both the company as a whole and the Imaging Division did better than expected. This is what Olympus had to say about the camera business:

Strong sales growth of 19% centered on OMD series in mirrorless camera field, contributing to overall higher revenue in Imaging Business despite substantial decrease in compact camera sales.
Operating profit: Substantial increase in profitability achieved through larger ratio of sales from high margin, high-end mirrorless cameras and effective management of iexpenses
Operating profit of ¥1.6 billion posted in comparison to operating loss of ¥1.4 billion in previously equivalent period, making for operating profit margin of 5.3%

Good to know they are finally back making profit on their business. But they need to keep releasing new high-end model in 2018 too. It really sounds like this is the only way to keep profitability.

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