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Olympus publishes new 5 year plan: Focus on OMD and PRO lenses!



Olympus published the Corporate Strategic Plan (5-Year Medium -Term Management Plan). You can download the documents here:

The financial goal is to double the earnings per share by the end of the 5 year plan. Regarding the Imaging Business these are some key points:

The past: Olympus admits that their previous midterm plan from 2013 “Failed to achieve projected performance levels in Imaging Business

The goal: The 5 year plan goal is to reach “breaking even in Imaging Business

What needs to be done in the Imaging Business:

1) Focus on specific group of customers: Further contraction of DSLR and other digital camera markets, need to transition from value and price focused mass-marketing approach to respond to needs of core users and provide them with unique value at appealing prices. Establish a unique brand position that provides value accepted by a specific group of customers, even if that group may be small

2) Expand to other markets:the Imaging Business will address the changing and contracting digital camera market while examining means of utilizing the technologies and resources of the business in other businesses

3) Focus on High End products:Achieve competitive edge of systems with regard to primarily OM-D and Pro-Lens system and keep contributing as a driver of Company wide technology

I guess the upcoming Stylus Tracker action camera is exactly what they mean on point 2. And the PEN-F is an attempt to move the PEN system in the premium market as suggested on point 3.

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