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Olympus publishes Annual Report. Says wants to focus on OMD cameras, 8K video and PRO lens development


Olympus published their full Annual Report documents. Here are few highlights about their future goals in the Imaging Business:

1) Focus on the development of high-value-added mirrorless cameras (primarily OM-D series) and interchangeable lenses
(PRO series) boasting competitive prices
2)  Develop systems that allow for improved efficiency in new product manufacturing start-ups and mass production by
transferring production to Vietnam
3) Establish comprehensive range of technologies for 4K and 8K video, development of devices necessary for recording at
these resolutions, and optimization of interface with outputs (monitors)

I guess this means the PEN range will have a minor role in the future (make sense). I am surprised to hear Olympus talk about 8K video commitment.

This is what the detailed report:

Operating Environment and Forecasts
The compact digital camera market is rapidly contracting due to the spread of smartphones, and the Imaging Business continues to face a harsh operating environment as a result. In order to address this major market change, we are pushing forward with structural reforms to shrink the Imaging Business to a more appropriate scale. As one facet of this undertaking, we have developed conservative sales plans with a narrower scope—only including focus products and market segments—that do not presume the pursuit of sales growth, even in the core mirrorless camera market. We aim to minimize risks through this limited scope. In conjunction with this shift in focus, we are revising cost structures to realize a business structure that will enable the Imaging Business to continue generating income, despite the reduced sales. We are also enhancing earnings structures by strengthening sales of high-margin interchangeable lens products

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