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Olympus press release about the MFT commitment


Olympus issued that short press release the first day of the Photokina:

“In a press conference at Photokina 2018, Olympus today emphasized their role as innovation leader in the mirrorless camera segment. Olympus confirmed their commitment to support the personal mobility and spontaneity of photographers with a professional camera system boasting great image quality while still being compact and featuring light weight. Olympus management members Shigemi Sugimoto and Stefan Kaufmann explained the Micro Four Thirds sensor standard to deliver the best platform for this value proposition and invited all Photokina visitors to experience the benefits at the Olympus Perspective Playground at Photokina 2018.”

It’s clear they wanted to be clear about their MFT commitment after the Panasonic L-mount alliance announcement. Also Panasonic has clearly stated they will keep developing MFT gear.

via Techradar

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