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Olympus postpones the new product launch (Olympus converters)


Image on top: The fisheye, wide and macro converters.

Olympus officially postponed the launch of the recently announced products (Source: That includes the new compact cameras and the three Micro Four Thirds lens converters.
We all have understanding for this!

If you want to make a donation to help the japanese people click here:

Reminder: The other two PEN accessories are already on market:
– MAL-1 Led Light at eBay, Amazon US, Amazon Deutschland, Amazon UK, Amazon France.
– PenPal bluetooth module at eBay, Amazon Deutschland, Amazon UK, Amazon France.

  • Robbie

    at least in shipping out new products, Olympus does way better than Panasonic

    • mahler

      Huh? What do you mean? Most Panasonic products are readily available. I got my GH2 as announced without problems, if you refer to that single problem. On the other hand, try to find a dealer, which has all of the Olympus lenses (m4/3 and 4/3) in stock.

      • Kevin

        try to find a dealer with all the m4/3 panasonic lenses. I’ve never seen the fisheye or 7-14 before.
        keep in mind that there are like 4x olympus lenses if you count 4/3 in so most stores aren’t going to have it all

  • Miroslav

    Obviously, in spite of being less affected directly, the power cuts, logistical problems and subcontractors that have stopped production have all lead to Olympus slowing down as well.

  • marilyn

    those stuff are made in china… not in japan

  • Question for the members here. Is there a wide-angle or fisheye converter that will work on the EPL-1 kit lens (40.5mm thread)? The new Olympus converters are not compatible with my “old” kit lens. I just need it for an occasional architectural shot where I would like to shoot wider than 14mm. I found a converter that with a 40.5mm thread… but I am not sure if that means it will work on my camera. I would prefer inexpensive and am not concerned with quality. Thanks in advance.

  • As for mounting a third-party converter, it should probably be mechanically safe: The front element and the filter thread usually move back and forth together.

    My thought is: Could one maybe fit the WCON-P01 wide converter to the 17/2.8 lens ?? The factor is 0,8x, converting the 17 into an equivalent 27 mm lens. Will the optical quality be there ?? Has anyone tried this ??

  • Here is the converter that i found:

    Do you think it would work on the EPL-1 kit lens?

    • shep

      Yes, I am sure it would. I used a similar one bought from Amazon which required a step-up ring to match the diameters. The one you found is better as it’s the right size, 40.5mm.

      One factor to consider when you use this with the “old” 14-42 mm lens is this: the front element rotates when it focuses. The weight of this adapter makes the focus motor struggle to focus properly. (The same problem arises, to a lesser degree, when you use a filter or a heavy lens hood on this lens).
      Solution: use the camera in manual focus mode.

      Another factor is that this kind of adapter has a lot of pincushion distortion and chromatic aberration in the corners. Solution: correct the distortion in Photoshop. This pulls the corners out of the frame and thus gets rid of most of the chromatic aberration too. For details, see my review at

      The new design of the 14-42 mm lens (which has a 37mm filter size) has rear-element focusing, so should not have this problem. And it has a nonrotating front element (much better for polarizing filter). Two nice improvements.

      Or, as Duart Bruno suggests, you can take two pictures side-by-side and stitch them together in photoshop.

  • The dude

    The Fish eye is made in Japan , and some off the materials for the macro and wide-angle are from japan

  • Tservo

    I bought the Wide Angle and Macro adapters straight from Olympus on Thursday, they arrive on Monday. The macro adapter feels cheeap and is completely plastic, I would see if you could find a different one for less than 60 bucks. The wide angle adapter on the other hand is a really nice piece of kit, very solidly built with machined metal parts and a bit of plastic.

  • Duarte Bruno

    If it’s occasional and architectural why don’t you just pan and stitch it later in SW?
    Subject motion is a non issue in this case.

    • it’s an indoor architectural shot… I actually tried stitching multiple images together but got too much distortion and ‘irregularities’. I’ve had success using that strategy for outdoor vista panoramas, but little success with indoor shots (I’m trying to tak a picture of a small interior room). Perhaps I’m doing something wrong… but that has been my experience for what it’s worth.

      Thanks for the replies, very helpful

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