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Olympus plans to add more “DEEP AI” features on the E-M1X


The russian webiste Kroupski interviewed Mr. Tosaka from Olympus. Here are a couple of answers we got:

Question: The objects list seems a bit limited (trains, planes…). Do you plan to add some extra types of objects? Is that possible?
Olympus:  Although we cannot give details, there are plans to add more subjects via a firmware upgrade.

Question: As far as I understand, the E-M1X is not replacing the E-M1 II, it just starts another line of professional cameras? And the “ordinary” E-M1 line will continue, correct?
Olympus: Both E-M1 Mark II and E-M1X are positioned as professional models. We will continue with the current line-Up strategy with successor models.

Question: What can we expect earlier – E-M5 III or E-M1 III?
Olympus:  Although we cannot clearly tell which model comes first, please look forward to it.

E-M1X Preorders:
Olympus E-M1X in USA at Amazon, GetOlympus, Adorama and BHphoto.
Olympus E-M1X in Europe at Calumet Germany, ParkCameras, Jessops, WexUK.

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