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Olympus photographer Johan Lind wins bronze medal in one of the biggest Nature Photography competitions in Europe


Johan sent me this message:

There are so many discussions about whether m43 gear is capable or not, so I figured I send you this message. I don’t know if you’re interested in this, but a photo of mine taken with m43 gear was last Saturday awarded a bronze medal in one of the biggest Nature Photography competitions in Europe.

My photo was awarded bronze medal in the Nordic Nature Photo Contest, using a m43 setup (see attached file). You can see the photo here, the urban wildlife photo in third place, of a young rat staring out at a busy Stockholm street.
The photo was taken with the Olympus EM1 III and the fisheye 8mm f/1.8. The camera was remote controlled via wifi and I used a diffused LED light on the rat.
If you’d like to put this m43 news on your site, I’d appreciate if you included my insta link

Story of the photo:
This is a young rat, looking out at Torkel Knutssongatan here in Stockholm, one block away from where we live. It was a young rat in a family of four rats that lived in this flower bed next to Bysis torg during the last winter. In mid January the city council put out poisoned rat bait in the flower bed. A few days later the family disappeared. Urban life has its risks.

Who am I? I’m Johan Lind, from Stockholm, Sweden, an award winning nature photographer and elected member and former chair of the Swedish Association for Nature Photographers.


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