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Olympus PenPal module in Stock at Amazon.


For US readers and E-PL2 owners. the Penpal module is finally in Stock at Amazon (Click here).

Reminder: There is a double kit E-PL2 instant rebate at BHphoto (Click here).

  • Archer

    I’m surprised to see it in stock. I’d like to see if I could get it to work on iOS.

  • Eric

    Is there any word on Olympus making a GPS module for geotagging? Since one of the best uses of m4/3’s is travel and hiking it seems like a GPS module would be even more important than the bluetooth module.

    • mclarenf3

      I agree, that would be something I would invest in before getting this.

      • Thomas S

        I would buy a GPS module the first day it becomes available. Not so sure about this one. Maybe if I were younger…

    • Ahem

      Exactly. I have to use an ugly hack with my cellphone GPS to SD card to PC to LR to geotagger software back to LR to get my photos geotagged. Would buy a GPS module right away.

      Better yet, include it in the camera like so many P&Ss already do!

  • Snowbird_UT

    Olympus has completely lost their marbles. I’m glad I pre-ordered the X100 instead of waiting on a pro-m43 cam. Too bad they haven’t put it all together yet. Hope they figure it our before it’s too late.

    • Spoo

      So you seriously think that your fixed-lens retro-style X100 is going to be as versatile as the pro-m43 cam that you just CAN’T wait for??? WHO has lost their marbles??? Too bad you’re not going to be able to use those brilliant-looking NX lenses that were announced on your $1200 rangefinder…

  • Spoo

    All that aside, I really can’t see the usefulness of this accessory. Can’t you do basically the same thing and more with an Eye-Fi card??? What am I missing that makes this so much better??? Why is bluetooth better/different???

    • mclarenf3

      Bluetooth will allow you to connect your camera to your mobile phone. And with many people using data-enabled smartphones, you will be able to publish/share your photos on social media websites (Facebook, Twitter, etc) or other websites (flikr, picaso, etc).

      This is targeted at the younger generations, and possibly more towards the young female market. If what I see on facebook is any indication, they love to post photos.

      • Tservo

        Not sure if you can move raw files with this, but if you can then you can drop them in your Dropbox and have them available everywhere almost instantly.

    • mclarenf3

      Sorry, to add one more thing. The reason this is better than the Eye-Fi card is that you don’t need a wifi network. As long as your smartphone has a data connection, you can post photos.

  • Bluetooth is VEEERRRRY slow. Have you every tried to send a bigger Excel sheet or something similar around 10MB by Bluetooth? Useless gadget, waste of R&D resource…. Well done Oly. :(

    • you resize your chosen pictures in camera down to 640 x 480 pixels then blue tooth those ones, transferring photos by blue tooth on your phone is nowadays almost instant…

    • Jeroen

      For social sites als Facebook, Twitter ect. you don’t need to upload 10mb pictures. This is not my thing, but for young people it can be. Marketing wise it could be very good if young customers are attracted to Olympus.

  • KI

    I guess this is a gadget meant for all the bloggers out there.

  • sigh

    You have every right to post amazon links with your affiliation code on your own site, of course.

    But, strong-arming your viewers to click on the link just by not providing the certain information? (in this case, the price)

    It appears so lazy and greedy.

    Plus, you are practically ruining your own work and its value.
    I sincerely hope you’d realize it b4 it’s too late.

    It’s been pleasure visiting your site, admin.
    so long

    • admin

      Hi Sigh!

      I posted the news while I was travelling from Muenchen to Hamburg. Really I had no time to add informations. Sorry for that. Please do understand that I usually have to work with my real job and that’s why the quality of every post can’t be on top. That’s the price fro the freedom on 43rumors ;)

  • JeremyT

    I’m disappointed that this thing is E-PL2 only. It’s the same port as the other PENs, so shouldn’t they just need a software update?

    Also, for those talking about GPS, keep in mind that although the penpal doesn’t support it now, you can pick up a bluetooth receiver pretty cheaply. One advantage of using bluetooth is that it’s extensible; it’s easy to imagine adding support for geotagging with a bluetooth GPS device in the future with a software update.

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