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Olympus patent discloses a new L-shaped camera with eye position detection.


Olympus United States Patent 7750966 discloses a…let’s say “unusual” camera concept. The goal of such an L-shaped camera is “to provide a camera enabling picture-taking with a natural feeling, without feeling awkward.

Read the original Olympus description:

“The camera according to this invention comprises an L-shaped frame that is capable of changing the size or aspect ratio of the viewfinder by relative movement, a back-face image-pickup device for photographing an image of the eye of the photographer, and a photographing optical system for forming the image of the subject image to the internal CCD, analyzes the image captured by the back-face image-pickup device and calculates the distance and direction to the eye of the photographer from the center of the viewfinder, and based on the calculated information and the size or aspect ratio information of the viewfinder, the photographer performs optical zooming or shifting of the photographing optical system, or performs electronic zooming or shifting by cropping the taken image by use of the CCD, in order for the range that the photographer observed via the viewfinder to become the photographing range.

Hmmm, don’t know what to think about!

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