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Olympus patent discloses a “Hasselblad” alike camera.


The latest Olympus patent found by Egami (Click here) describes a new Vari-angle LCD screen. But what’s really intriguing is the medium Format design of the camera body. In some way it reminds me the leaked Samsung medium format camera. And seeing that there are rumors that Olympus may will work closer with Samsung this starts to look more than just a casual pattern. Below you can see the leaked Samsung image I posted months ago on MirrorlessRumors (Click here):

That’s just my speculation for now, but if Olympus is working on such a camera than the Samsung square sensor could be definitely the way to go!

Back to reality, camera companies do register plenty of patents that will never be applied on real camera. So don’t get too much exited about that one!

  • very interesting concept !

  • Michel Van Weyenbergh

    Olympus is about to release a 12-50mm weathersealed video lens.

    I’m gonne take a wild stab in the dark here and clain that they’re going to release a weathersealed camera that is more video-oriented like the GH series.

    • juanko

      12-50mm not good for video, not have stabilizer in lens.
      Neither is good for photography, since it is not very bright.
      For the hell is it this lens?

      • Pete

        just wait….

    • Michel Van Weyenbergh:
      “I’m gonne take a wild stab in the dark here and clain that they’re going to release a weathersealed camera that is more video-oriented like the GH series.”

  • physica

    But This Rumor should belong to Mirrorlessrumor…. LOL ….. (Joking only)

    BTW, more choice is always welcome.

  • om-4

    +100 on square sensor.

  • Narretz

    Camera makers patent stuff all the time … just for the sake of it.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Not just camera makers, basically every single bigger company patents about everything they can think of and get patented just to keep competition down.

  • jam

    Could be interesting, but realistically the market potential must surely be limited?

  • matt

    i can´t help myself.. but this looks soo ugly :D maybe IQ would be better but ergonomically it looks it´s only good for laying on shelf.

  • achiinto

    Possibly the old rumor about modular camera. This is totally om-x design. If it support om lens without crop factor, that will be cool.

  • TomR

    this is interesting. Olympus must have some plans for a larger sensor camera, otherwise they will soom be further behind. Olympus always needs cool factor to compete – this has cool.

  • Luke

    I’ll take one

  • Sony did this best so far in the R-1, if only the sensor were square it would be perfect. I still use mine along with my 43 gear.

  • Ragnarok

    Just because the Samsung is square it doesn’t make it medium format. Those are very different things.

    The design of the LCD is very interesting but I doubt the market will welcome a MFT square camera, people want retro and small.

  • Baronlee

    I want one! I love square format!

  • metalaryeh

    If were talking about a square aspect ratio than I think I’ll pass on it. I would end up having to crop 99 out of 100 photos. I really love square format but not for all my shots.

  • Mr. Reeee

    What would be the point of a cube shaped body when the camera would presumably be mirrorless? I don’t think they’d be releasing a hybrid 120 film and digital camera. This is probably some skunkworks patent protection thing, never meant for production.

    I do like shooting in 1:1 format. There’s just something about it…

  • Robbie

    I was told that test shots by the new MZD 12-50mm has been uploaded in Taiwan by Olddo. Can anyone confirm?

  • Ab

    Very Interesting… Very interesting.
    Imagine the bigger body allows for more battery power, an optional adapter for a MF style handgrip… the resolution possible using the screen and the brightness should be very good.

    I would love to see a variation of this compatible with the 43rds lenses, and with 3 primes that use the full 1:1 sensor, fast primes…

    Just saying, I would buy that :)


  • It would be great if it became reality. I love square format and it would be so great to compose in camera without a cardboard template I now use with the DSLRs.

    Happy Holidays ;-)

  • mister_roboto

    oh… hello, that’s far more interesting than I thought it was going to be.

  • This is really cool. What I want to know is how many that hbe said “12mp is enough” or “I don’t need better ISo” or better “dog control” will hail Olympus for making a great camera that has precisely all of those things now ;-)

  • blastingmills

    I like clip on optical view finder, essentially a loop on the LCD.

  • Aly

    I’ve used medium format cameras before and they’re very awkward to use. Even using a smaller sensor, I can’t image the average consumer, or even an “enthusiast” using one of these.

  • TheEye

    I can practically hear the furious screams of camera joshi everywhere.

  • A square sensor and current MFT lenses would work for me.

  • Little boy

    Wet dreams…

  • Olympius

    Well, that’s certainly an interesting idea….have the LCD swing out to the left like a typical camcorder, but then have it rotate 90 degrees, then flip to the top of the camera, where you place a Hoodman type loupe finder over the whole screen, and use it as an EFV….that would be cool.

    Perhaps this is the “new concept” camera that Olympus has been hinting at….I just hope they make one with a regular 4/3 mount too.

    – Olympius

  • I am not sure at all this is the coming camera. What has been niggling me is that it is that it wil be m4/3 compatible. Does that mean that it will have a bigger sensor?

    The design above is probably meant for a large Samsung sensor. I see it as a studio camera, the way hassy/bronica are. Compatibility with 4/3 lenses a given – so it should have PDAF sensors inside.

    The most interesting is it all points to Oly having a larger, non Panny sensor, so that the stranglehold on m4/3 finished.

  • bilgy_no1

    good catch on the Samsung likeness! interesting!

  • flash

    It is a great concept. I suspect it will be made in the near future that.

    The images on the on the diagram is 4 by 3. Also a square format of the “Full Frame” 35 mm size lens focus circle will not be 36mm by 36mm square but it would be a little less. I would expect that it would be made with a FT sensor and capable of using both 43 and m43 lens with both types of focusing (the square makes a lot of room for that stuff). The coming generation of sensors will bring significant improvement to the smaller sensors like m43, so even the regular 43 sensor size will have be good if not better then current “full frame” or APC sensors.

    If it is square and the camera well made (and fits my hands) I will buy it, it has been a real long time since I shoot square, never used a Hassie or similar just a 127 square when I was little.

    Not so sure if it uses a just a regular m43 sensor though. The coming generation of sensors will bring significant improvement to the smaller sensors like m43.

  • min

    That’s intriguing. I hope panasonic or olympus develops a hybrid like this soon that competes with the sony vg20 in the sub $2.5k market.

  • JimD

    This camera can take both 4/3 and m4/3 lenses. It has an internal lens system that moves the focal length rearwards and allows the image to use a 4 degree angle onto a medium format sensor of 8×6 cm. It will initially be fitted with a 30mp sensor. So much for you “cropfactor fools” sorry but as a user of both 4/3 and m4/3 I am fed up with the crop factor fools. My other camera is Bronica GS 6×7, and I don’t go on about cropfactors. use the camera that suits the occasion. I use my e30 with the 12-60 most followed by the ep2 and the Bronica least, but it still gets a work out.

    • Where did you get such precise data? And are they from Olympus or Samsung?

      My take is that the coming camera is the OM-like body one, with both 4/3 and m4/3 compatibility, perhaps a ‘super 4/3’ one, with a slightly larger sensor.

      The second one, if a Samsung look-alike, is anybody’s guess: it might be a 36×36 sensor, or the Fuji’s organic one. So either a much bigger sensor or a Foveon like one.

      Mind you the latest news were that Samsung had reached Phase 2 but not yet a production decision, so one wonders where Oly is at, for such a project.

      To recap: one ‘m4/3 compatible’ camera, coming in February (Ale), another ‘collaborative effort’ camera in the future.

      Which are you meaning?

  • tim

    Working with Samsung?! Oh no… Hope this isn’t going to happen…

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