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Olympus launches a teaser for a new OMD camera. We already know it’s for the E-M5II :)


Olympus officially launched that teaser for a new OMD camera. But we all know that it’s for the new E-M5II. So no big deal here :)
In case you missed the leaks here are the E-M5II images once again:

oly_e-m5ii_silver_b001 oly_e-m5ii_silver_f001 oly_e-m5ii_silver_t001 Olympus-E-M5II-camera-with-FL-LM3-flash-550x372 Olympus-E-M5II-camera-HLD-8G+HLD-6P-550x389 Olympus-E-M5II-camera1-550x383

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