Olympus is the leader on the Japanese mirrorless market.


BCN Inc., has released the ranking and market share of the top three companies “BCN AWARD 2013” annual sales. Here are the winners of the digital video and camera market:

Digital camera (integrated lens)
Canon 17.6
Sony Corporation 16.5
Nikon Corporation 14.1
Digital camera (SLR)
Canon 52.7
Nikon Corporation 35.1
Sony Corporation 7.1
Digital camera (SLR mirror-less)
Olympus 29.8
Panasonic 23.3
Sony Corporation 20.1
Digital video camera
Sony Corporation 40.2
Panasonic 24.8
JVC Kenwood 18.2

These are the market shares based on the camera sales number of 2012. There is no such report available in any EU or US market :(

Amazon ranking (just ro see what’s hot in EU and US):
US ranking (Click here).
DE ranking (Click here).
UK ranking (Click here).
FR ranking (Click here).

  • I imagine it’s very similar in the EU, maybe slightly different for North America.

    • pedroPASET

      The EU, UK and USA are nothing like Japan look at the various sources of data including Amazon the worlds largest electronics retailer and mFT is nowhere near as high a percentage of the mirrorless market.In fact even in Japan in 2011 Olympus had 38.7% of the mirrorless market { https://www.43rumors.com/update-olympus-lead-the-mirrorless-market-in-japan/ } now it is 29.8% that is not good news in any ones books. With the apparent success of mFT I cannot see how both Olympus and Panasonic lose so much money in their photography divisions.So much for the wonder cam.

      • John Wilson

        You are right Pedro , the mirrorless share of the interchangeable lens camera market in the EU is 24% and even lower in the USA.If one looks at Amazon and Pixmania etc the mFT share of the mirrorless market is much smaller than in Japan.

        YouDidntDidYou thinks if you say something often enough it is true, I am also very much an mFT fan and I have never had so much fun in my photography. Unfortunately I am also a chartered accountant and frankly the sales numbers { which in reality are too often boosted by end of line cheap gear}combined with the finances of both Olympus and Panasonic’s imaging departments is not a verypretty picture. In fact due to various factors if Nikon or Canon launch a credible mirrorless camera , mFT could very quickly lose out. I do not care if my chosen maker is not top dog as long as they are successful enough to keep on innovating.

        • @John Wilson and @pedroPASET

          Pixmania popularity rankings are no longer accurate, they are weighted (even so a quick look at mirrorless rankings there across Europe see Nikon 1 fast disappearing from the rankings now that the V1 stock is finally clearing) and I’ve never believed Amazon’s (even when they shown mft in a good light)

          a quick look on bhphotovideo mirrorless USA rankings

          a quick look on adorama mirrorless USA rankings

          looks good for Panny, Olympus, Sony and Pentax in mirrorless.

          • Esa Tuunanen

            > Pixmania popularity rankings are no longer accurate
            So why do you pretend your ass is more accurate when you don’t have anything concretic to support your claims?

            January-November global camera deliveries are 3.6M vs 15.1M in favor of DSLRs.
            Those are the numbers which count for camera makers.
            And lots of mirrorless sales are older discounted and El cheapo models (even in Japan) unlike in case of DSLRs which at least have certain kind of bottom selling price for consumer entry level models.
            With that lower average price volumes would have to be larger but it’s the opposite of both Canon and Nikon entry level DSLRs overrunning whole mirrorless… part of which is now taken by them.

        • @John Wilson
          from today at bbc.co.uk/news

          “Sales fell 25% at Dixons’ troubled French online retailer Pixmania. Dixons bought out the remaining shares in Pixmania last year in an attempt to turn the business around, and has been forced to write off much of the value of its investment.”

  • Dannecus

    Good to see both Olympus and Panasonic ahead of Sony, shows that M43 is dominating the mirrorless segment.

  • HeavensDemons

    this market is small and dont forget its in japan. though the japanese are the leading camera makers, the citizens can be quite nationalistic. If any other country was a leader in photo equipment you would still see the japanese brands ahead in Japan. the new markets are in china. Samsung nx does well in korea, but these stats are for the mirrorless market, and in the world most ppl still use ps and dslrs. No need for a poll, just go outside and look, mostly ps and dslrs.So these stats are for the leaders of a very small piece of the camera pie..very very small.

  • Hubertus Bigend

    DSLR (Canon + Nikon + Sony): 94.9
    Mirrorless (Olympus + Panasonic + Sony): 73.2

    Looks like the mirrorless numbers could exceed the DSLR numbers within one or two more years. Even though the existing mirrorless systems still only offer a fraction of the DSLR systems’ versatility.

    • HanHUD

      The numbers you have rather oddly added up are the respective percentages of sales in each particular sector.To give an example based on the latest CIPA numbers { which are more indicative of market trends}.

      The total percentage of new cameras shipped in Japan last year is 42% mirrorless and 58% DSLR quite different from the overall sales sales figures which have a reasonably high percentage of sales of older models being sold at discount prices.

      Let us assume the market shares held at their current numbers making the total breakdown of the whole market:

      Olympus 29.8% of a 42% share = 12.5% of the total interchangeable market
      Panasonic 23.3% of a 42% share = 9.7% of the total interchangeable market

      Canon 52.7% of a 58% share =30.5% of the total interchangeable market
      Nikon 35.1% of a 58% share =20.3% of the total interchangeable market

      • It’s even more tricky than that. The BCN numbers represent only about half of the retail outlets for cameras in Japan. If the half they don’t track has any sales bias in it then their proclamations of market share are off. As you point out, the CIPA numbers don’t match the BCN numbers this year, and part of that is disposal of previous generation product.

        What’s more important to me in tracking numbers is not any individual data point, but the accumulated data points over time. There’s little doubt that Olympus has resurrected sales within Japan (ironically during a period when their corporate integrity was being questioned). That’s good news on a small scale (Japan is <10% of the camera market overall). But the question is whether or not that good news continues. The year-to-year trend seems to say that Olympus may have peaked or is close to peaking in Japan, which is not so good news.

        More important than these numbers are two: average selling price and sales per employee. On the latter, a paper was just published in the investment community that indicates that Olympus lags badly behind Canon and Nikon in that metric, and that none of the camera makers are very good at sales per employee and getting worse. Those numbers (average selling price and sales per employee) have a more important impact than unit volume, as they start to get to ROI.

        • Esa Tuunanen

          > The year-to-year trend seems to say that Olympus may have peaked or is close to peaking in Japan
          Just like DSLRs peaked few years ago with saturation of markets…

          Except that Canon and Nikon are actively expanding their product range to mirrorless.
          Unlike Olympus with its lack of expansion to outside DSLR complementing P&S small cameras where limited markets are getting more cramped.
          That one system from small compacts to full controls and ergonomics high end would be needed especially in Europe/North America.

  • ArtP

    Looking at the Amazon ranking and wondering how the E-M5 would rank if sales of all three (it’s ranked 5, 6 and 7) were combined. Of course you’d have to combine all iterations of the other cameras as well, but only Amazon has access to that data.

  • 434343

    and oly is stil not making a profit?

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