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Olympus interview at photokina (Metapixel)


Dominic Papenheim and Claudia Baehr from Olympus talking to in

1) Starting from 00:41 they talk about the Olympus E-5.

2) At 04:00 the Interviewer ask if the E-5 can compete with Full Frame camera. The answer is that Full Frame and E-5 are on the same level.

3) At 05:00 the Interviewer ask about the auto-focus speed which is slow on the Olympus E-PL1 + 14-42mm kit compared to the Panasonic GF1. Olympus answer was that new lenses like the 9-18mm do have faster auto-focus than the kit-lens.

4) At 07:00 the Interviewer ask how the compact (not mirrorless) market will change in the next year. Olympus will introduce many new technologies (3D, WiFi, GPs and more).

5) At 09:35 Olympus says that especially female do like mirrorless cameras because they don’t want big cameras.

6) At 12:05 they talk about the lens road-map. Olympus doesn’t give any answer about possible future 3D lenses.

7) At 12:40 In Japan the mirrorless market share is 40%, in Europe 9% and in US 7-8%.

One more news: Olympus just updated the Olympus Viewer 2 to version 1.1 (Source: Olympus Japan)

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