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Olympus interview at DPreview: “We want to improve IS users can use longer lenses without needing a tripod”


Dpreview interviewed Mr.Masamichi Handa from Olympus. These are some key info:

  1. About the High Price of the E-M1II: “We opted for a price that would allow us to achieve higher performance levels and offer higher value to the customer. We had many discussions, and we chose to be bold and aim for a hit a higher consumer value point.
  2. About a possible Video Oriented Olympus camera like the GH5 he says:We should never ignore [a potential audience] but right now, we have no plans.
  3. About the improvements to be expected on future cameras:autofocus speed, AF tracking performance and so on – we can always do more. We want to improve image stabilization technology, too, so our users can use longer lenses without needing a tripod, for instance.

So in short: Don’t expect Olympus to experiment on the market with new kind of cameras (video oriented). They will stick to what they have and improve it further. Which sounds pretty much ok to me :)

E-M1II at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

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