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Olympus Interview at Dpreview: E-M5III and new lenses are coming soon


Dpreview had a chat with Olympus. Once more they confirm they have no plan to move to Full Frame, that the E-M5III successor is coming and that more high quality lenses woll be announced before the 150-400mm lens launch in 2020:

E-M1X sales:
“E-M1X Pre-sales orders are at expected levels and we have had a good start worldwide.”

Professional MFT photographers:
“Actually, we are seeing that there are many photographers who started using the Micro Four Thirds as their second camera, are going on to use it as their main camera.”

Lens roadmap:
“We plan to launch several lenses every year and, of course, there will be releases of lenses before the 150-400mm PRO launch in 2020. So, please look out for a more information about our forthcoming product releases.”

Technology vs Marketing:
“As you know, we are a very R&D-orientated company: we focus on the technology which is necessary. We’re not from the marketing world, so we can look at these technologies solely from the perspective of whether they’re valuable for photographers.”

E-M5II successor:
“The E-M5 line is important: we can reassure users we are planning a successor model.”

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