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Olympus interview at Focus on OMD and more professional market.



Mr. Yukihiko of Olympus Imaging Development Division has been interviewed by (google translation here). I highlighted the key info in the hope google translation tool didn’t fool me as it happens sometimes:

1) Worldwide DSLR+Mirrorless Camera Sales went down by 15%. But Mirrorless alone is till on expansion (Sales are growing for both lens and cameras).
2) The PEN series is not selling as expected in USA and Europe, but the E-M5 sold very well in Europe. (PEN and OMD are selling well in Asian countries).
3) The manager is confident that the E-M1 will sell better in EU and US than previous MFT cameras.
4) Future focus is on premium products (New OMD camera and lenses, and so on).

Note, there was a lot of talk about OMD and absolute zero talk about PEN. Probably Olympus marketing is betting on OMD cameras (and less on PEN’s) to increase their sales in 2014.




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