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Olympus interview at CameraJabber: More telephoto lenses are coming and promises major announcements next year!


CameraJabber interviewed Mr. Shigemi Sugimoto from Olympus. A couple of takeaways:

  1. He believes that the recent flurry of full-frame camera announcements is good for the imaging industry. As well as igniting photographers’ interest in cameras, it’s encouraging more people to move towards mirrorless technology.
  2. More importantly for Olympus, Micro Four Thirds cameras are more easily distinguished from full-frame models. Their size and weight advantages are more apparent alongside cameras with bigger sensors.
  3. According to Sugimoto, Olympus is aware that its users want more high-quality telephoto lenses. It’s an area that the company wants to ‘improve and grow’. So it looks like we can expect some new long lenses in the near future.
  4. Image Stabilization (IS) system is a key focus for development for a tripod free shooting.
  5. major announcement has been promised for the next Photokina trade show which takes place in May next year.

We on already told you that a new high-end OMD camera will be announced in January! And we will have more about that soon ;)

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