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Olympus France about the new High End camera: “will have the most advanced digital technology on the market.”


OpenPN got in touch with Olympus France and they confirmed that:
–           By end of 2013, Olympus will unveil a new camera that will fully exploit the exceptional performance of optical 4/3.
–           This new camera will have the most advanced digital technology on the market.
–           Olympus will continue to expand its range optical mount Micro 4/3.

When Olympus says “most advanced technology” than this is what I hope they are talking about:
– Use of a new 3 layer sensor like (and better) the Sigma Foveon (The new DP series is amazing at Low ISO). And Sony patented many sensors with similar tech.
– hybrid Optical and electronic viewfinder tech.
– Full electronic shutter (no shutter delay, no noise).

Ok, that’s just my personal wishlist and I guess I am asking too much :)

Reminder: The upcoming CES announcements will not bring us any new MFT camera, just a bunch of new compact cameras. I expect new MFT camera and lenses to be annoucned by end of January!

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