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Olympus E-PL9 review by Robin Wong: “can perform serious tasks when required”


Image courtesy by Robin Wong (posted on Ming Thein Blog).

Robin Wong posted his full E-PL9 review over at Ming Thein’s blog:

On the whole, I was pleased with the Olympus PEN E-PL9 as a compact mirrorless camera, which can perform serious tasks when required.

Pros: Latest Truepic 8 image processor, superb JPEG, similar imaging and AF performance as higher end OM-D cameras, great build quality with robust metal body construction, new low-power Bluetooth connection and having a compact form factor. The camera survived my torture test, shooting a dimly lit stage performance.

Minus Points: No EVF and no ability to attach an external EVF, stripped down customization options (no ISO shortcuts) and honestly, no significant upgrade in comparison to E-PL8/E-PL7.

For new-comers to photography, smartphone users who want to step up their photography game and travelers who want to pack light, the E-PL9 is a compelling choice to consider. I cannot imagine a scenario in the world of a casual hobbyist photographer where the E-PL9 cannot successfully deliver.

Olympus E-PL9 preorders are now open in Europe at Amazon DE and Amazon UK.

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