Olympus E-PL3 in Stock in US stores.


The new Olympus E-PL3 is  now in Stock at Adorama (Click here) and J&R (Click here). And the “old” E-PL1 with kit lens is available for $359 at Amazon (Click here).

P.S: E-PL3 ad in China (Micadget) / E-PM1 pricing in France (OpenPN).


  • NickNeeds
    • flash


      You got a good deal there. Considering the price of the lens (which you probably wanted) and the EVIL you got the stylish EP-2 body at an incredible price. Two bodies are are better then one; especially when it comes to digital bodies. Now with the EPL-3 you have a very fast focusing camera with a tilting LCD.

  • Pablo

    God, that looks cheap.

    • seaotter

      It looks, but it doesnt feel like cheap.
      Metal body (IIRC) and the buttons are all well pressed.

      the caveat is that dinky scroll-wheel.

      robust screen. If you can shoot with the XZ-1, you can shoot with this.

      • tmrgrs

        I’ve been playing with mine for a little while this morning and I like the wheel better than the one on my E-P2. Overall build quality is very nice on this little gem of a camera. The size is quite small of course and will take some getting used to but a half case might make it better and maybe I’ll like it well enough after a while anyway.

        • JeremyT


          I’ve been thinking about one of these to replace the E-P2 myself. I’m curious about how you’re coping with the loss of the thumb dial – do you now use the little wheel thingy the way you’d use the thumb dial before?

          I normally have EV compensation on the wheel with the E-P2, but I find it incredibly fiddly. I’m glad to hear that it’s better; do you feel like you can operate it by touch alone without any accidental button presses?

          • tmrgrs

            I’m still charging the battery and haven’t started using it yet. The wheel feels a little more tactile than the E-P2 wheel and doesn’t appear to press in as easily. I’ll know more later when I actually start using it.

      • taran

        It’s only metal on the front. The back is plastic, and the transition is not the greatest, with mismatching texture and color. Build quality is good though, and the tilting screen is a significant addition to the pen line.

        • tmrgrs

          If you look closely at the bottom where the two halves of the body meet and especially around the opening of the battery compartment with the door open, you’ll see that both halves are made from the same material which is metal.

          • Jan Francois

            People said the same about the E-PL2
            and it also has the full metal jacket. At $499 with the lens, the price difference paid for most of the (very tough to get right now, B&H was sold out) VF-2, so I am quite happy to say the least. Now I just need to get a certain two silver primes…..

          • taran

            I have the camera on my lap and a college degree in engineering on my wall. You sir, are incorrect. If you own the camera, test it yourself by putting the camera in the refrigerator for 10 seconds… take it out and you can feel the metal on the front is cold, where the plastic on the back is not. I doubt you need an engineering degree to verify my analysis.

            The camera is metal front, plastic back. And its not entirely as pretty as the press photos would make you believe.

    • Kyle

      It looks and feels very high quality (metal) in person.

  • tmrgrs

    I had the red one pre-ordered at Adorama for more a few weeks but they only received the other colors in their first shipment and wouldn’t or couldn’t tell me over the phone yesterday when they’d be getting any red ones so I canceled on them. Imediately placed an overnight order with Olympus USA yesterday and just received it this morning from FedEx. I like buying from Adorama but sometimes they just can’t seem to get it done. Too bad for them.

    • Kyle

      I wonder if Adorama and B&H are putting any pressure on Olympus USA not to list product on their store before the resellers receive? I am guilty of canceling a E-P3 preorder from B&H and ordering direct from Oly.

  • I received my e-pl3 along with a vf-3 viewfinder on Thursday. I got the viewfinder mostly for my xz-1 which really benefits from it. The e-pl3 is all metal and feels like a brick — it weighs quite a bit more than the xz-1. The camera is a great upgrade from my e-PL1 and I have taken the Panasonic 20mm f1.7 off the e-pl1 and put it on the e-pl3. I don’t have to worry about noisy high ISOs now with the fast lens and this is one fast focusing camera. Almost instantaneous.
    I had a Canon DSLR before the 43s came out and I find the 43s much more to my style. Sure if I was going to blow up 40inch posters the Canon would be better but blown up on the computer I find it hard to see any difference that bothers me. I’m into photography, not talking about gear. I have published several picture books and the Olympus stuff I have more than meets my needs.

    By the way I got the e-pl3 from abt as soon as they notified me they were in stock. It looks like they still have them — black ones.

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