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(FT5) Continuely updated -> Olympus E-P2 image!

ep2Here it is the Olympus E-P2! It comes in black and with an optional huge external viewfinder!

UPDATE: You can now preorder the camera!
– Amazon US: Olympus E-P2 with 17mm f/2.8 Lens and Electronic View Finder $1,099.99!
– Amazon US: Olympus E-P2 with 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 Zuiko Digital Zoom Lens and Electronic View Finder

12 Megapixel


stereo sound

AF tracking

1.44 million dot electronic viewfinder with 100% field of view

8 Art Filters (two more than the ….. Diorama Filter and Cross Process)

i-Enhance function (color boost)

230K LCD

Price around 950 Euro

Olympus E-P2 availability in January


And new lenses:

–  Zuiko Digital ED 9-18mm f/4.0-5.6

– Zuiko Digital ED 14-150mm f/4.0-5.6




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  • That viewfinder, is really huge. My only concern with the new EP2 is the AF, i hope that it will be as fast as the GF1 =)

  • WT

    IMO black is ugly on that body. Maybe it’ll look better in person

  • carlfarl

    If you’re persistent, you can find the British Journal entry on their website by changing the URL. It’s live.

    And a whole page on the new lens.

  • cool. 950 Euro is a bit too much???

  • I like the nerdy looking viewfinder. Looks like they really built it for good functionality. I only hope it doesn’t cost a fortune.

  • Chris

    The EVF could’ve been pulled off much more elegantly. I was thinking more like a “hump” that covered the mode selector dial.

    In fact, the possibility of an EVF was the reason why I thought the mode selector dial was recessed into the top plate in the first place.

    I guess Olympus really wanted to follow suit with Panasonic’s tilting viewfinder. Looks like function won over form this time around.

  • Alberto

    I don’t think Oly’s going to gain big market share in micro 4/3 with such 4.0-5.6 lenses…. users need high aperture lenses!!! I hope Panasonic will go on after the wonderful 20mm f/1.7

  • edwood

    biggest news is the (expensive?) viewfinder.
    the back lcd is always the same?
    really someone care about 2 more art filters??

  • I agree with WF, in black it look a bit uglier, and seems it has the same 230k LCD wich isn’t trhat good..

  • Chow

    Is that all?? Looks bad in black. One huge ugly viewfinder. And two lenses which I wasn’t waiting for :)

  • Kaiser Soze

    The view finder looks really nice. Other then that IDK. I wish there was a was to have a flash and an EVF. Olympus just make your own GH-1. Built-in in Flash (with RC modes) EVF, and a 900,000+ LCD, call it a day.

  • candoo

    Could be too much to ask, but man I hope the viewfinder is compatible with GF1

  • Tom

    no 1080/24p, fail
    can’t use EVF and audio input simultaneously, fail
    new lenses, fail

    poor poor poor showing by Olympus unless these aren’t really the specs.

    black is ok, it could even have been more expensive, it just needed to actually be a better product.

  • YoMan

    NO flash?
    NO updated LCD screen?
    AND 950 euros = about $1200.


  • fuujin

    Yes, no 1080/24p, fail.
    Also, no manual controls for video, fail.

  • ohh noo!
    thats boring! emoticon – sad

    bulky electronic viewfinder: no way!
    no fast primes: no way!
    really slow (f5,6) zoom: no way!

    with this the small form factor is gone!

    oly, check the real pen!
    how big is it with the internal finder?!
    how fast are the old (prime) lenses?!

    the ep-2 isnt a pen – its a marketing lie!

    sorry, hard words, but true.

  • Ano Nym

    I can live with the large EVF and I like the black color, but the specs (esp. video and the LCD) are disappointing … I guess I’ll be waiting to see what Panasonic serves up as the GF1’s successor …

  • achiinto

    “January 2010 at a price of £849 including the electronic viewfinder”

    So the price comes with the Viewfinder and the 14-42mm lens.

  • WT

    Not needing IS in the in lens should free Oly up to make wider aps. What’s with the poor lenses.

    Oh well. I got the EP1 to work with retro lenses (and the Panny 20/1.7). It’s not my main camera. So, this weak update doesn’t harm the value of my EP1, so I am happy :-). Others are not likely so.

    The “model” art filter is the most interesting thing to me, lol. Wish they did a firmware upgrade on the EP1.

    Oh well. As they say in the crime shows “nothing to see here — move along. Nothing of interesting. keep going”

  • narsins

    E-P2 seems just minor upgrade version of E-P1.

    Does anyone know this vf work with e-p1?

  • achiinto

    From my understand so far, I think the new accessories will only work with E-P2, so that might make E-P2 a major upgrade from E-P1.

    In that case, E-P1 is totally just a Beta release from Olympus. Simple with all those incapability in the camera for future upgrade in accessories. I think this is the major down side of the Olympus MFT.

  • Enthusiast

    No flash … boring lenses. Funny that a camera company still can’t match a TV making company’s GF1.

  • ecfella

    Oh dear…
    Black… In the picture with the silver pancake lens it looks really wrong, like its turned up to a funeral in fancy dress. Very mismatched.

    I love the idea of a compact 9-18mm lens but at f4 and with no flash, I recon they can keep it.

    No report on whether the focusing speed is improved, just that it has ‘AF tracking’ for moving objects… like the que of underwhelmed customers moving to the panasonic counter.

    And at £849 I’m kicking myself for getting so excited.

  • The EP-1mkII looks like it’s full of fail. Yikes. They must be joking about the price point if this is true.

    I’m a pro shooter hanging on until the E-3 replacement but dammit Olympus is making life difficult for me.

  • RAW

    No Video Specs yet? hopefully 720p (24fps, 30fps & 60fps)

    It would be a hit in the indie film making world if they had these specs!

  • Andrew

    Panasonic looks like they’ll still have the grip on the better m4/3 products, Oly should focus more on standard 4/3 instead of abandoning it. Only think Panasonic needs is in body stabilization. Who knows maybe the GH2 will be a more professional take by Panasonic, or whole new camera.

  • Duarte Bruno

    You people are really funny and totally detached from reality.
    All you can do is complain and not for once you do complain about the E-P1 Achilles Heel… Have you ever used one?
    The E-P2 success factor It’s not going to be it’s color or the EVF or the lenses or 1080p.
    If you have been around since the GF1 was announced, you would probably know what I’m talking about. And about that, the E-P2 is still a mistery. :-O

  • Lu

    I won’t buy unless there’s a compact m4/3 cam with a swiveling LCS

  • Kanja

    I have a feeling that the new price includes the evf. I am glad I waited before buying the E-P1. I’m definitely going to buy this one now!

  • YoMan


    yes we will have to see if it has faster AF.

    STILL, there is no flash and no upgrade to the LCD screen. Two of the main downfalls of the e-p1.

    If it doesn’t have better AF than the GF1, I don’t know even know why anyone would consider buying this camera, especially at the price.

  • Tom

    The E-P1 was a marvel of industrial design and fit a niche in the compact camera market that had a big vacuum.

    1080/24p done right (GH1 comes close, but a couple of flaws) and semi-decent audio support would instantly dominate the video capable DSLR purchasers, which although a smaller section of people than general purpose recreational stills shooters, is still a significant group of people. Canon 5D has issues, 7D has issues, GH1, GF1, none of them are correct, so the first manufacturer who does this will instantly dominate that market because the flaws in the other systems are not minor. It is also not very difficult for manufacturers to do this, as its not a technology issue, its simply a design / management issue. Its money on the table that is just waiting to be picked up, but no one has made it a priority to grab it.

    The E-P2 is not a bad camera, assuming that some of the mysteries have been prematurely revealed, but success and failure of a system in a competitive environment is crucially dependent on some of the finer details of its implementation. Hardly anyone is going to buy the E-P2 given its (yet to be confirmed) weak technical advancements when taken in context of other excellent systems that already exist, some cheaper, and include the wonderful (and more attractive) E-P1.

    Even if the image quality is higher than competing systems, it is a subtle difference that is not always easily recognized by the casual shopper, lost in marketing haze, or simply superseded by another design constraint. In my opinion, video should have been the primary focus on this camera, because it is a difference that would not be subtle and would have meant the immediate adoption by a significant number of cinematographers who need an expendable crash B-cam, can’t afford or can’t wait for the upcoming RED Scarlet, or need a specialized tool for certain situations.

    Duarte Bruno says:
    November 4, 2009 at 5:09 pm
    You people are really funny and totally detached from reality.
    All you can do is complain and not for once you do complain about the E-P1 Achilles Heel… Have you ever used one?
    The E-P2 success factor It’s not going to be it’s color or the EVF or the lenses or 1080p.
    If you have been around since the GF1 was announced, you would probably know what I’m talking about. And about that, the E-P2 is still a mistery. :-O

  • stimmer

    This is a big fail for me too. With all of the hype that Olympus induced you would think it would have at least some functionality upgrade from the EP1 other than 2 art filters and a ridiculous viewfinder that you cannot use with a flash.

    I don’t see any mention of faster autofocus so that too will probably be another failure for Olympus.

    I don’t understand why they would even bother with this release? If people are clamouring for a viewfinder just make it in the GH1 form factor or go back to the mirror.

    The GH1 is looking better to me everyday. Panasonic got it right the first time.

    Olympus just kicks their butt all over the place in their JPG processing. I wish they could combine forces to make a camera. THen it would have good autofocus and a good jpg engine. As it is, you either have to buy a GF1 and shoot RAW(uugg), or buy an EP-2 and shoot landscapes(because they don’t move).

    Very, very disappointing because I had cash to spend and it looks like it’s going to stay in my pocket.

  • yoshitoshi

    Its not terrible (except the 230K LCD!!) but there is no incentive to purchase this over the GF1. The EVF looks ridiculous. At least I’m not at all tempted to update my E-P1, hopefully when they release the E-P3 in February they will fix it :D

  • Duarte Bruno

    stimmer says:
    “The GH1 is looking better to me everyday. ”
    I second that.

    stimmer says:
    Panasonic got it right the first time.
    No. The second time.

  • shep

    There are 3 types of comments here–

    –serious photographers who want fast AF, a decent EVF and wide aperture lenses
    –casual P+S types who insist on a flash
    –aesthetes who love the beauty of the EP-1 and don’t want it to be spoiled

    The specs don’t quite meet the wishes of any of these 3 groups. But it’s getting closer than the EP-1 was.

  • Tom

    To be fair to Olympus, they didn’t really hype it that much at all. If anything, our disappointment is a reflection of our collective hopes. I feel that we are representative of the camera enthusiasts, the ones who are educated about all the options and technical merits of different cameras. Our feedback seems to indicate that the camera is not going to do well with those of our profile. It is a “.1” upgrade rather than a system that brings real advancements with it. i also feel that it will not do too well with the non-enthusiast crowd either, the casual shoppers.

    price, odd color combination of lens / body, and awkward ergonomics of the accessory items
    there are no features that make this camera stand out from the competitors and thus will likely be passed over for a GF1 or even the original E-P1 at a discounted price.

    I personally will not buy a GH1, even though it is the closest thing that meets my needs. I don’t like the SLR’esque form factor and the codec could have been a bit better. If I absolutely had to buy a camera now, it probably would be the GH1, but I can just make due with what I have. Nor will I buy another Olympus E-# SLR style professional camera. The thing that made the rangefinder style body attractive was its compactness and ability to discretely shoot video in casual environments. I would have bought the E-P2 for $2000 if it actually met my needs, even if it meant throwing out the kit lens and bolting something better on. The orange carrot cam is a nice memory, but the promise that it brought to me has not ben realized.

  • Stroncis

    adding stereo sound looks like targeting video, but no updates in video itself (and that rumor about 1280×1080 was so ridiculous). also with that implementation of hotshoe accessories, makes us struggle evf or external mic?

    adding two new artfilters looks like imposing to more consumer users, but ep1 looks much more consumer visually and by price tag (and by matter of fact – is capable this new processor to cope with artfilters in video mode? ep1 artfilters with video was just “create slideshow” filters).

    evf looks promising, but such a bulk (i can tolerate that as compromise for good quality) but no flash+evf combo – kills.

    i just remember from interview about ep1, when oly stated, that enough of megapixel wars…but megapixels are growing further :) by little, silently.

    logically, if they included AF tracking, then AF must be improved alot, but time will tell.

    no mentions, that this price is with evf? i hope they reveal more details or something, that here wasn’t mentioned.

  • Eric

    Interesting, but not what I want. Why don’t they just make a camera the size and build quality of a Voigtlander Bessa R3A with a built in EVF? The clip on EVF is better than no EVF, but I can’t use my wireless triggers with that mounted on…so it has no use for me. Also, what’s with the slow zooms? What doesn’t Olympus understand about needing FAST glass for m4/3’s? Shallow DOF is just too hard to achieve with the 4/3’s sensor unless you’re shooting wide oped at f/1.4-2.0.

  • Danz

    You can keep your hate.

    I love it!

  • Alfons

    E-P2 is what Olympus should have done in the first place.

    I keep on waiting the next model. I’m not into video shooting but splashproof design and set of fast primes would be welcome addition. Hope the new Olympus primes will be faster than the 17mm pancake.

    How about Fuji?

  • Aflons

    Oh, and I’m definately with Eric on this. Integrated viewfinder with a cost of a little bigger body for the next model, thanks.

  • Mike

    I would not be so skeptical about E-P2 for serious photographers. Put there nice, compact high aperture rangefinder legacy lens (just consider 2x crop factor for needed *field of view) and focus manually by checking the image in the high resolution EVF (this is not suitable for sports, but this camera it’s not about that), but usable for rangefinder style shooting (streets, documents. It may needs some practise. So if you considering about shooting with manual M mount lenses this camera could be for you (and relatively cheap to digital rangefinder cameras prices). The EVF looks big, but it is high quality and better than practically non usable small one (GF1). When VF-2 is attached to E-P2 it looks like Hasselblad designed camera and that is really not ridiculous but serious professional looking tool. The investment in good lens is reliable and those kind of lenses are already made in rangefinder era (old Leica lenses are still stunning and reasonable priced on Ebay or so).

    *this reduce wide lenses field of view (FOW) but for normal FOW can be achieved easily (40-50mm equiv.).

  • drew

    Eric is absolutely right . . . the micro 4/3 manufacturer who makes a camera like the Voigtlander rangefinders will have a huge success on its hands. There are zillions of people who want to shoot with a Leica, but not many people who can afford one. The m4/3 company that taps into this market will sell hundreds of thousands of units. I love my E-P1 and may buy the E-P2, but to be honest, Olympus hasn’t significantly advanced the E-P format with this new version. With that enormous EVF, we really aren’t that far off the Olympus 620 in terms of size. Maybe it would be better to wait for the 630, which will probably have some of the advances of the E-Ps built into it. Hats off to Olympus for starting us down this road, but I hope that they–or one of the other companies–will eventually wake up and go straight for the traditional rangefinder-style format.

  • ric is absolutely right . . . the micro 4/3 manufacturer who makes a camera like the Voigtlander rangefinders will have a huge success on its hands. There are zillions of people who want to shoot with a Leica, but not many people who can afford one. The m4/3 company that taps into this market will sell hundreds of thousands of units.

  • hi so nice i like Zuiko Digital ED 9-18mm f/4.0-5.6 because this one is lightweight and easily affordable….thank

  • i like Zuiko Digital ED 9-18mm f/4.0-5.6 because its weight and shape so light…really like this model thank your updating..

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